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Erin Lothian

Dear Mr Wilkinson,

I am writing to say thank you for helping me teach the children in my class about the passion of Christ.

I am a primary school teacher in Scotland and was recently teaching the children about Jesus in the garden. They weren't really getting the emotion behind the story, so I decided to let them hear you singing it.

A class full of noisy 10 and 11 year olds was silenced! They listened in astonishment all the way to the end of the song. They were silent for a few moments and then the questions started... "Who was that singing?" "He's amazing what else does he sing?" "Can we hear it again?" "I bet if God could sing he'd really sound like that!" Needless to say I let them listen again and they loved it. You're one of their favourite singers now.

Thank you for making my job a little easier, for reaching my class emotionally and for helping me to introduce them to musical theatre. I have always loved your music and now they do too. It's so great to see them experiencing listening to such a genuinely talented person!

I do hope to see you in concert if you come back to Scotland/UK at any point. I was working in Singapore last time you toured here sadly.

Take care and thank you again!

Yours sincerely

Erin Lothian
27 August 2015 07:17pm
Carol Hoffman
Hi Colm, I just heard your 1977 song "Snow White City". Wow. Incredible. One of my new favorites of yours. Thanks for all the music!
11 August 2015 08:22pm
Hi. I would like to say that you are an amazing singer. I never saw someone sing with the passion you sing. I could listen you sing forever. You are awesome!
3 July 2015 02:43pm
Helen Collier |
Happy belated birthday! I have many of your songs on my iPhone and listen to them while driving my car. I absolutely love all of your songs but I especially love We Are One. I have never written a fan letter before but wanted to know more about you and to tell you the obvious "I love your voice". Now, my daughter does too. You and I are the same age so you can imagine that for me to write a "fan letter" is quite something.
Thank you for all the pleasure you give!!
Cheers, helen
23 June 2015 07:56pm
neil burns |
Hi, just got my tickets to your show in Buffalo, NY at UB and can't wait I have not heard your voice live in all most twenty years. Cheers and have a great summer !!
20 June 2015 06:41am
Martin Halleran |
Happy belated Birthday!! I have been in Awe of you since 1992 when we saw you in Phantom. We have seen you several times in your Broadway and Beyond Concert. We spoke to you on three of those events. You talked to us like you know us all our life. What a great feeling. Wishing you and your family a great year and good health!!
11 June 2015 05:34pm
Karla M von Lehe |
Happy Birthday! We live near Phoenix and hoped to see you last evening. We are so sorry you are ill and hope you are beginning to feel better. Alfie Boe was good last,evening, but we know you would have been better. We hope you are feeling well soon. Most of all we hope you will be able to return to the Phoenix area? Please, NOT in February. We saw you the first time in Toronto in 1993 and saw you many times in Toronto when we lived there for 6 years. You are amazing'
5 June 2015 08:01pm
Naomi Ejiri |
Dear Mr.Wilkinson,

I still cannot believe that you were there. I mean your last stage in Osaka, Japan.
That was the very moment for all of us!!

I must say that the audeience was surprised and excited with your energetic performance!!
You are absolutely the LEGEND.
Such a gifted talent you have.

Your miracle voice is still ringing in my head.
Oh I'm wondering "What I saw was a ghost?"
One minute there, then you were gone!!

Also I thank you for the "Danny Boy" for those who affected by Tsunami.
Your singing sounded like a prayer to soothe our pain and brought me tears.
Personally how many times I have been encouraged by your songs for these 20 years...
I am really glad to see that your voice has not only musical skill but also full of heart and soul.

Anyway, it has become the unfogettable special day for me.
I will remember your concert for the rest of my life.
Thank you for the wonderful time,
Thank you for being who you are.

Love and gratitude from OSAKA
27 April 2015 03:53am
Yoko |
Thank you for coming to Japan and thank you for giving me a opportunity to be at the theater where you performed.
I could hard to believe I really listened my favorite song "Bring Him Home" with your singing, it was like as if I was dreaming.

I hope to see you again in Japan.


22 April 2015 06:29am
Michio Ando |
Dear Colm,

I have just returned home after attending your concert in Tokyo.

Your stage was simply amazing.
"Danny Boy" made me cry, singing "Hey Jude" with you thrilled me,
I was overwhelmingly excited when I saw you return on the stage wearing your Les Miserables costume.
Thank you so much, I really enjoyed it.

I had been a fan of yours since when I was five,
ever since I saw you as Jean Valjean in London 1987.
I can still recall, literally begging my dad to buy me a copy of the "Les Miserables" CD.
Of course, I would have understood nothing then,
but somehow that CD became a kind of a Bible to me.

Singing along with you in the CD,
nourished within me the love for music and singing.
As a kid, I used to sing and imitate your songs,
I loved to sing “Who am I" in front of guests.
I actually sung "Bring him Home" in front of public,
when I was in high school.

You may never believe it, but your performance really changed my life.
I am not even a Christian.
but something divine and loving had struck me as an infant
through your performance as Jean Valjean,
Ever since then,
even within my darkest times of setback,
I never doubted the presence of God and his love.
The Jean Valjean you had performed had always been a kind of a role model for me.
Your songs always helped me to bring myself back and to be honest, repentant, and loving.

I never thought you would come to Japan.
Thank you, thank you so much for coming, and giving me the chance to see you on stage after 29 years.
I know it is quite a journey for you to come to Japan, but please, do come again.
You will always be one of my favourite singers.
Please take care of yourself.
Thank you so much, and may God bless you for everything you have given me

Love Michio Ando
22 April 2015 05:51am
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