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Michio Ando |
Dear Colm,

I have just returned home after attending your concert in Tokyo.

Your stage was simply amazing.
"Danny Boy" made me cry, singing "Hey Jude" with you thrilled me,
I was overwhelmingly excited when I saw you return on the stage wearing your Les Miserables costume.
Thank you so much, I really enjoyed it.

I had been a fan of yours since when I was five,
ever since I saw you as Jean Valjean in London 1987.
I can still recall, literally begging my dad to buy me a copy of the "Les Miserables" CD.
Of course, I would have understood nothing then,
but somehow that CD became a kind of a Bible to me.

Singing along with you in the CD,
nourished within me the love for music and singing.
As a kid, I used to sing and imitate your songs,
I loved to sing “Who am I" in front of guests.
I actually sung "Bring him Home" in front of public,
when I was in high school.

You may never believe it, but your performance really changed my life.
I am not even a Christian.
but something divine and loving had struck me as an infant
through your performance as Jean Valjean,
Ever since then,
even within my darkest times of setback,
I never doubted the presence of God and his love.
The Jean Valjean you had performed had always been a kind of a role model for me.
Your songs always helped me to bring myself back and to be honest, repentant, and loving.

I never thought you would come to Japan.
Thank you, thank you so much for coming, and giving me the chance to see you on stage after 29 years.
I know it is quite a journey for you to come to Japan, but please, do come again.
You will always be one of my favourite singers.
Please take care of yourself.
Thank you so much, and may God bless you for everything you have given me

Love Michio Ando
22 April 2015 05:51am
satotama |
MY DEAR Mr. Wilkinson

I write a letter from TOKYO.
The first time when I heard that you will come to Japan in Spring,
I doubted my own ears.
What a amazing occurrence!!

"THE PHANTOM"& "Jean Valjean" is the man of my light of hope.
Meeting you & hearing your live song is an unrealizable dream for me.
But, My dreams will become real.
I have a feeling that April 18 be one of the most special days of my entire life.

April is the most beautiful season in Japan.
I hope that you enjoy the scenery.
(and, Bamboo shoots & sea urchin SUSHI are in season during the spring.)

Hope to see you soon, Can't Wait!!
17 March 2015 00:34am
Kohei Takita
Dear Mr.Colm Wilkinson

My name is Kohei Takita.
Age is 24 years old and is a Japanese.
I became your fan with "Les Misérables"!
Your song is very splendid!
Your voice will shake the mind.
"Who Am I?" and "Bring Him Home" are in particular splendid!

A concert in Japan is held, and thank you!
Very I am looking forward to♪

I want to take a photograph with you.
Is there a way to take your and photo?
I think that there is never a chance if I miss this opportunity.
Please I would like advice.

I am not good at English.
If there is a mistake, please permit it.

I look forward to a concert!

Sincerely yours,
Kohei Takita
16 March 2015 07:21pm
Naomi Ejiri |

I am one your greatest fans looking forward to your performance in Japan. I have been obsessed with your voice for 20 years. What a privilege to enjoy your singing live at last!

Your many old & new fans warmly welcome you overe here. Please have a safe trip and thrill us all!!

Best wishes from Japan
4 March 2015 06:10pm
Douglas Dawson
I have admired and watched Colm throughout the years, starting way back when I saw him in Toronto doing PHANTOM. I have a serious question for you: WHEN WILL COLM COME TO EITHER NEW YORK CITY OR'LOS ANGELES? I am bicoastal. Why can't they bring his tour to hollywood bowl or the Greek theatre here in Los Angeles? What's up with that? He would completely sell out here! Wiltern theater is also a good venue for him.

Let me know if anytime in the next year or two we can bring this massive talent, one of the few remaining Broadway legends still performing. Let's get him while we can! And tell him he should think about doing THE MUSIC OF ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER one more time! I've seen that show, but not with him. What a treat that would be.

He truly is the best Valjean and I've seen the show dozens of times. Nobody can match him for some reason. I find that to be fascinating.

And he ranks as the top three phantoms ever, another show I've seen dozens of times. Him, Michael Crawford, and Kevin Grey are the three best "phantoms"that ever lived. And they will never be matched in my opinion.

All three completely different portrayals. All three masters of the art of musical theatre performance.

I will be doing a tribute to colm on my new pop culture blog in a week or two. If u want address, I can send it to you. I also have my own podcast. To get an interview with him, even if it's via Skype, would be amazing. Let me know if any interest.

Give him my regards.
Douglas Dawson.
2 March 2015 08:59am
Ai Kuno
I send the first message.
Finally, you will come to Japan!!
It's wonderful to have the chance to hear you sing in Japan.
I'm so excited!

I am going to go for Osaka performance of April 25.
(A lucky thing was able to take the seat of the middle of the eighth row for this time!)

Have a good trip.
I'm looking forward to see you soon!!!

From Ai Kuno
28 February 2015 10:08pm
Helen Harrop |
Greetings from Australia. I have just recently discovered you Colm. Wow you are absolutely amazing. Your signature tune Bring Him home is so beautiful, it gives me goosebumps. Thank you:)
19 February 2015 02:12am
alison gillis |
Hello,Colm,I will have to admit.i did not not know you until Les miserables,well I know you now,if you should ever get a chance,les miserable in cape breton nova scotia awesome talent,because of this and the movie,and also my new laptop.I now know you,at least through all of your music,which I enjoy so much!!!!
18 February 2015 07:30pm
Laura Buff |
What a blessing it has been to bond with my teen as I share with her your talent that has amazed me for so many years. So many generations touched by your talent!

Thank you!
5 February 2015 04:58pm
Brad McQueen |
Mr. Wilkinson,

I want to thank you for sharing your amazing talent with the world. Every time I watch your performance in Les Miserables I am truly inspired.

What a voice. What a gift from God.

God Bless you sir.

Brad McQueen
Indianapolis, Indiana
1 February 2015 09:47pm
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