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Colm: I wanted to thank you again for singing Danny Boy in Philly. I'm hoping you'll reconsider and sing it again in Toronto and/or Buffalo. Mostly Colm, I want to thank you for your wonderful performances. Not only is your voice superb(I haven't heard a ballad sung that I don't think you could sing 10 times better)but your stage presence is so magnetic. Looking forward to a gala event Oct. 28th. Wishing love, peace, and happiness to you and your family.
23 September 2005 11:43am
Cory Carlick | |
I just wanted to leave a comment to wish Colm all the best and to thank him for the inspiration of his wonderful stage performances. They are one of the main inspirations I have as a musician and animator. I'm reading my way through Les Miserables right now, and it is quite a tome!

Good luck to you and God bless,
22 September 2005 09:52pm
Elizabeth Willett |
Are there any tours in the United States planned? If so, will there be any in either New York City or Baltimore, Maryland?
20 September 2005 08:34am
Jean Hastings |
Counting the days until your Toronto concert.
17 September 2005 08:52am
June |
Colm when are you coming over to England please.
16 September 2005 08:09pm
Esther |
Colm, What is happening with Pirate Queen? Has it been completely cast yet?

Thank you, Esther
15 September 2005 09:14pm
Colm Wilkinson | |
Hello Everybody,

I hope you are all healthy and happy. This is the new guestbook and we would like you to feel free to write to us with your comments and suggestions. If we can do anything to make the shows or the site more enjoyable for you, please let us know. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kindest Regards and Slainte
14 September 2005 02:00am
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