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Sean | |
What a cool website! I was listening to my Les Miserables album, when I decided to Google the name of the awesome singer playing Jean Valjean, and this website popped right up!

I actually discovered the magic of musicals just last year, so although musicals like Les Miserables have been around for a while, I am just now becoming a fan!

Your voice is truly terrific, I love your work! This website a great way for people like me to learn about all that you've done. Congratulations on all your great success!

I had no idea you played the Phantom, another one of my favorite musicals! Now I have to buy that album!

Great website, keep up the great work! I know I will enjoy the fruits of your labor for many years to come.
20 October 2005 09:43am
Farah |
Hi Colm,

I really loved your performance in Les Miserables when I watched it on video. More blessings to you. Would appreciate a signed photo from you though for Christmas. (crossing her fingers)
19 October 2005 09:38pm
Franco |
Hi Colm, just a there no possibility for you to take a concert in Italy? You have a great voice, I have no words to describe it. I wish you all the best! :)
14 October 2005 02:19am
Michael Day | |
Hi Colm, you have a great voice and a great site.
8 October 2005 06:09am
5 October 2005 03:33am
Colm: I wanted to thank you again for singing Danny Boy in Philly. I'm hoping you'll reconsider and sing it again in Toronto and/or Buffalo. Mostly Colm, I want to thank you for your wonderful performances. Not only is your voice superb(I haven't heard a ballad sung that I don't think you could sing 10 times better)but your stage presence is so magnetic. Looking forward to a gala event Oct. 28th. Wishing love, peace, and happiness to you and your family.
23 September 2005 11:43am
Cory Carlick | |
I just wanted to leave a comment to wish Colm all the best and to thank him for the inspiration of his wonderful stage performances. They are one of the main inspirations I have as a musician and animator. I'm reading my way through Les Miserables right now, and it is quite a tome!

Good luck to you and God bless,
22 September 2005 09:52pm
Elizabeth Willett |
Are there any tours in the United States planned? If so, will there be any in either New York City or Baltimore, Maryland?
20 September 2005 08:34am
Jean Hastings |
Counting the days until your Toronto concert.
17 September 2005 08:52am
June |
Colm when are you coming over to England please.
16 September 2005 08:09pm
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