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Karla von Lehe
Happy Birthday (a date late)

We saw you numerous times when we lived in Toronto in the 1990's.
We just introduced our grandson to Phantom of the Opera (at the Royal Albert Hall). Thank you for all the wonderful memories, we love listening to your amazing voice.

Karla and John von Lehe
6 June 2016 10:38pm
Briantsev Youri
We love your music, happens at our concerts. We decided to create your fanclub in our city, collect your posters, magazines, CDs, promo CD, DVD, LP et al. Agitate school, youth, students.
Please send free second-hand (Music CD, promotional CD, posters ...) to address:
Letnaya 30-1-6 Mitischi Mosk 141021 RUSSIA
26 April 2016 10:29pm
Cameron Grabowski
Dear Colm,

I do hope this email reaches you. I wanted to write to you to express my respect for the work you have undertaken throughout your career and the admiration I have in particular for your performance of Jean Valjean in Les Miserables. My brother and I have seen the show many, many times over the last few years and remain captivated by the characters and the story, written flawlessly for the stage, but particularly the music binding them together.

Neither of us have ever been able to agree on which is our favourite song from Les Mis nor can we agree on our favourite moment in the story but we have both been in agreement from the very first time our mother played us the Original London Cast recording that your performance as Jean Valjean is our favourite and has served as a true inspiration to us for many years and will for many more. My brother was recently lucky enough to perform as Jean Valjean in his school’s production of Les Mis and was hugely influenced by you and your efforts.

So thank you, Colm, for the inspiration and joy you have brought us.

Kindest regards,

Cameron Grabowski
10 April 2016 10:27am
Huang Rui |
I am learning English.Now,I am 17 years old ,but just begining the learning of English .So,it will creat some problemes for me to express my mind .And, I am sorry that make you feel puzzeled when
you read my message because I wrote many wrong words.
I want to write this letter, since I saw “ Les Miserables”,the musical theatre.You made Jean Vaijean relived.You helped me understanding the novel written by Victor Hugo.I have learned that a man must be honest and be kind.Thank you !
I am a girl.I like culture.I wish that I can arrive lundon in future and visit you.
The world is nice.It is really nice.

Best Wishes
Huang Rui
2 April 2016 10:00am
Aisling Philpott |
Hi Colm, im not going to be one of " those " fans, i just want to say, i saw you when i was 12 for the first time and you kinda stuck with me till i saw you in Les Mis when i was 22. I just want to say you are blessed with an amazing voice. i hear you are coming to Cork ( who am i kidding i have tickets lol ) i feel really weird even typing to a celeb, i just really admire you. so good luck on tour. can't wait to hear your voice ( not in a weird way lol )
4 March 2016 11:28pm
Huang Rui
Dear Colm,
I am glad to write to you .Please forgive me for my poor English.
27 February 2016 05:31am
Barbara Vicca |
Dear Colm,

I have arranged a ticket for your show, upcoming September the 22nd, in Dublin.
WAW, I am already very excited to see you live perform and also in Dublin, I am so totally in love with that city!!!
Been there already twice, once for work and once for pleasure, and for this year I have planned two trips; in April and September.
So much looking forward to both events, but of course the most to my September trip...!!
And to see you live perform at the National Concert Hall!!!

I remember my first visit to the Phantom of the Opera very well.
Since I am Belgian and living in The Netherlands, I went to see the musical in Antwerp, Belgium.
I was immediately in love with both the story and the music and remember very well the last singing note of "Music of the Night".
Very, very impressing! So from the moment I heard you sing "Bring him home", I knew for sure you had sung "Music of the Night" as well...
So a wonderful Internet-quest began :)

I've seen a lot of clips and my 'quest' has lead me through some wonderful plays on the Internet and great singers, from you to Ramin Karimloo.
I have now purchased your dvd, where you singing along with Patty Lepone and I have enjoyed it very, very much!!!
A visit to your concert in September was just meant to be
Even more because I do know the story of Les Miserables very well.
I had to read all the novels for my French-class in High school.
I did so together with my wonderful grandmother.
She had been working all her life in Brussels and her French was absolutely flawless.
So in order to improve my French, we read the novels together.
But although she wasn't a reader at all (she didn't like books very much, could not concentrate that easily), she read secretely during my absence
Some great, great memories... But she has passed in 2012...
I still miss her every day but my dear Colm, when I hear you sing... I know that together with so many, every angel must feel like in heaven!

Looking forward to see you in September and in the meanwhile, the Internet-quest and exploration continues!

Best regards,
Barbara Vicca
19 February 2016 09:48pm
amy saito |
Please come to Hawaii for a visit or concert! Looking forward to meeting you!
18 February 2016 00:00am
Paul Wos |

Remember, back in your Phantom Toronto days, when a music teacher from Niagara Falls NY often brought a busload of students and adults to see you perform? We always waited at the stage door for you, and no matter how tired you might have been, you were always gracious and outgoing to the students and myself, telling stories and signing playbills. Witnessing your performances as the Phantom, and later in your limited run of Les Miserables, instilled a love for musical theatre in my students that lives on to this day.

Well, I’m retired now (my third year of living off NY state, haha) but I still organize theatre trips for groups to our area touring house, Shea’s Performing Arts Center. I attended your performance on Tuesday November 10 at the University at Buffalo Center for the Arts. Bravo, bravo, bravo! It is such a treat to hear you perform!

I hope you are well, and I look forward to another opportunity to catch you live again!

Warm regards,
Paul Wos
6 January 2016 09:44am
Keith Barron |
Hi Colm,
Most Sunday afternoons as a kid, my father (Sean Barron) would arrive home and tell me about a singer he had seen called Colm Wilkinson in The Wexford Inn, Dublin. He was a big fan and would also mention someone called Pierce Webb. My dad passed away in 1977 at the age of 34 and I was told only last night by a relative that you paid him a visit in hospital shortly before he died. True or false, you have a fan in his son....
3 January 2016 04:46pm
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