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Carol Robinson |
Dear Colm,
My husband and I were thrilled to see you at the benefit at the Victoria Playhouse in Petrolia, CA. last February. We were fortunate to meet you after the show and you were "surprised" that we travelled from Chicago to see you. My in-laws joined us a few years prior to see you in Phantom of the Opera in Toronto. That was quite a treat.
We were all supposed to travel together to see you in Indiana on November 19 (so close to our home!!), but we received a wedding invitation from a dear friend. Needless to say, we are all terribly disappointed. Is there a chance that you will do a concert in the future near the Midwest again? We've been waiting so long!!
Much thanks,
Carol Robinson
29 October 2005 02:06pm
Vicky Williams (payton) | |
Hi Colm,
I was on 1981 JC Superstar tour as mixed up young kid!! Now 45, totally committed to my family, church and ministry. Always admired you voice, work and moral values in such a filthy business. Gonna get the new album to share with my kids and friends.
28 October 2005 01:10pm
Loretta |
I purchased your latest CD a while ago and play it all the time. I just love it.
27 October 2005 06:04pm
Lillian Turnbull |
Just finished listening to your "some of my best friends are songs". It was wonderful. Is there a chance that you would ever come to "Hamilton Place" in Hamilton, Ontario ? Hope so..
25 October 2005 12:51pm
Gail |
Colm: We're almost down to counting hours instead of days until 8PM, Fri. Oct. 28th. Not knowing about your performance in Syracuse, the last time we saw you was June 11th in Philadelphia. It seems like decades have past rather than months. Hope you and your family are doing well. Looking forward to a special evening of great music and your dynamic personality.
24 October 2005 02:24pm
Jen |
When I learned that Colm Wilkinson would be performing in Toronto on my birthday, I was ecstatic!! You see, Colm has been my favorite performer ever since I saw him for the first time as an elementary school student when he was in the Phantom of the Opera in Toronto. Since then, Iíve seen him every chance Iíve had, from productions of Les Mis to his benefit shows at Roy Thompson to his tour in 2004 at the University of Buffalo. At the University of Buffalo show, I understand there was an opportunity for autographs, etc after the show, but unfortunately, I had to leave in order to make it to my grandmotherís 80th birthday party, so Iíve never had the chance to meet Colm.

It will be an incredible experience celebrating my birthday listening to him sing. I even have front row tickets! Iím sure it will be an unforgettable experience, but to make it even more special, I was curious if you know of who to contact to see if it were possible for Colm to wish me a happy birthday, Or arrange for a meet and greet so I could get his autograph and get a picture with him? Is this at all possible? Thanks.

Looking forward to hearing and seeing Colm in just a few short days!!!

24 October 2005 11:47am
Michelle | |
I have been a fan since my very first CD, "Les Miserables." I then moved onto The Phantom of the Opera, seen that one 13 times BTW. Even met you in the back alley enterance for The Pantages.
I went to see you for, "The Music of the Night", and I believe you had strept throat. Seen you for the last time in 99' as Jean Val Jean...OMG WOW. Never cried so much!
What a true talent you have and a gift to all your fans.
Hope to see you on Fri/Oct/28/05 @ Roy Thompson Hall! Can't hardly wait!
23 October 2005 08:31am
Robert Letwin | |
What can I say? You are absolutely incredible. Bring Him Home gives me chills every time I hear you sing it. You are definitely one of my biggest influences in my career. Thank you so much for everything you've done.
Your biggest fan,
Robert Tann
22 October 2005 11:28pm
Sean | |
What a cool website! I was listening to my Les Miserables album, when I decided to Google the name of the awesome singer playing Jean Valjean, and this website popped right up!

I actually discovered the magic of musicals just last year, so although musicals like Les Miserables have been around for a while, I am just now becoming a fan!

Your voice is truly terrific, I love your work! This website a great way for people like me to learn about all that you've done. Congratulations on all your great success!

I had no idea you played the Phantom, another one of my favorite musicals! Now I have to buy that album!

Great website, keep up the great work! I know I will enjoy the fruits of your labor for many years to come.
20 October 2005 09:43am
Farah |
Hi Colm,

I really loved your performance in Les Miserables when I watched it on video. More blessings to you. Would appreciate a signed photo from you though for Christmas. (crossing her fingers)
19 October 2005 09:38pm
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