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Rach |
Hi Colm! just by chance came across your website! Im from Northern Ireland but I actually met you in Toronto two summers ago! You were eating out in P.J. O Brians. To our surprise you actually sang a couple of songs in the pub for us. It was an amazing night! we even got our picture taken with you!! (which is now safely framed above the fireplace!) Suppose this is just a wee thanx for being so nice that nite!!
Good Luck!
29 December 2005 04:05pm
Judy Thomas |
Peace and joy to you and your family during this holiday season.
25 December 2005 12:10pm
rufo |
Truly an amazing experience everytime I hear you sing live. What a VOICE. Your version of Pity the Child (from Chess)Powerful! The whole STAGE HEROES album is magnificent.
We are hoping you will do STAGE HEROES 2. Colm thank you for giving us great entertainment every year in Toronto. You're the best.
13 December 2005 05:17pm
Gail |
I'm sorry to see Colm's concert that was scheduled for March 25, 2006 at the University of Buffalo has been cancelled. However, all is not lost! It appears that he is still scheduled to appear at Hammerson Hall in Mississauga,Canada on February 10th.
Does anyone have a telephone number for their ticket office? It seems like this will be the last time to see him in concert for awhile. I hope our information is correct that Pirate Queen will be opening in New York City and not London, England as first reported. If you haven't heard Colm's CD Highlights from Jekyll & Hyde you should put at the top of your "MUST HAVE" list. It is absolutely spellbinding. He and Linda Eder compliment each others voices to such a degree that it takes your breath away and has your spirit soaring. Colm you have outdone yourself again. THANK YOU!
12 December 2005 04:32pm
Barbara Alligood |
I waiting until I was grey-haired before I became a groupie, but when I did become one it was big time. I have fallen in love with "THAT voice" as one newspaper reporter described him. I absolutely love everything I have ever heard him sing but I just discovered something that takes my very breath away. I just got his Jekyll & Hyde CD. It is the most beautiful thing I have every listen to. I had thought I could never like anything more than the songs I have already heard but this CD is to die for. And another wonderful surprise was to discover the other performer on the CD, Linda Eder. She is the female equivalent of Colm. Their duets brought me to tears. If you haven't heard this CD, BUT IT NOW!
10 December 2005 11:33am
Laurie |
Thank you so very much for your amazing talents and for sharing them with the world.
One of our favorite family video nights is to pop in Les Misreables 10th anniversary Gala Concert and blast the sound system while we sit back and enjoy this awesome performance. Thank for bringing such joy into our life!
1 December 2005 09:09pm
James McElrath |
Mr. Wilkinson: I would like to thank you for the incredible concert in Goshen, Indiana. It has been a dream of mine to hear you sing in person since I first heard your “Phantom of the Opera” CD. Your concert was everything I had hoped for and much more. You have such a tremendous voice and display an enjoyment for singing that few show.

I also want to thank you for taking the time to sign my CD at the end of the concert. It was truly an honor to not only hear you sing but to meet you in person. It was a night I will never forget.

James McElrath
21 November 2005 10:10am
Rob Long |
Colm, having listened to Les Miserables for years I have enjoyed your performance countless times. Now I have discovered your many other recordings and am like a child hearing music for the first time. Its a shame I didn't look up this web site sooner to discover you have a show this very night in my state. Otherwise I would be there in the audience.
The two recordings besides Les Mis that have won my admiration are Man of La Mancha and This is the Moment.
19 November 2005 05:54pm
Diane Sue Campbell |
Colm: When I heard you sing Bring Him Home in Les Miserables I had to find out more about you. I love listening to your incredible and beautiful voice. I plan to purchase some of your CD's. Will you ever do a concert anywhere near Chapel Hill, NC? Diane
13 November 2005 03:33pm
Judy Thomas |
Thank you so much for another amazing concert! What a tremendous variety – “Man of La Mancha”, “Red Sails in the Sunset”, “Athen Rye”, “Whiskey in the Jar”, “House of the Rising Sun” – yet they all work so well together. I enjoyed the Ray Charles medley, “Red Hoolihan” and “Old Man River” immensely. I hadn’t even dared hope you’d sing “Anthem”. No one sings “This is the Moment” with such joy, which IMHO is how it should be sung. Of course the evening wouldn’t have been complete without “Music of the Night” and “Bring Him Home”.

Thank you also for signing my copy of “Jekyll & Hyde”. I know it must be daunting facing that long line of fans after already putting out so much on stage, but you do it with such grace and good humor. I’m delighted to hear that you will be returning to the stage – and, of course, this raises the delightful prospect of a new album. Finally, thank you for the excuse to visit your lovely (adopted) city. I had a blast!

P.S. I picked up Aaron’s Exile CD at the concert. He’s really a talented songwriter. I had hoped we’d get to hear him also, but clearly you have way too much material for one concert.
7 November 2005 05:14pm
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