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Jean Holler |
Hello Colm,
Just dropping by to wish you, Deirdre and the family a very happy St. Patrick's Day!
Slainte, Jean and Eric, Vancouver
15 March 2006 06:37pm
You're my inspiriation. I can only hope and dream and pray that someday I'll be where you are. Take care, Colm.
10 March 2006 02:42am
Sarah |
Hello to the wonderfully talented Mr. Wilkinson! Well..where to begin. I fist heard you sing as the phantom when I was.. oh..let's just say I was really young. Ever since I heard the passion in your voice I have been a loyal admirer of your music and of The Phantom of the Opera. ( with the show, you could say that I am fantastically obsessed) Thank you for sharing your talent with the world and the beautiful power that you put into every note. My gratitude will never be enough. God Bless and I wish you good luck for many, many years to come.
6 March 2006 05:36pm
Paul Hill |
Hey Colm. Loving your work sir, you truly are an outstanding performer.I was just wondering if you will be coming to London any time soon as myself and a very good friend of mine would adore seeing you.Keep up the good work, let us not talk of bargains, or bones, or greed.
22 February 2006 08:15am
Vicki Boston |
Hi Colm.
I love you in Evita/Les Mis.
I loved your concert with Patti LuPone.
I heard Jean Val Jean is coming back on Broadway, October 21st.
Please come back on BROADWAY.
Bring Colm Home;Bring Colm Home.
17 February 2006 09:23am
Jessica |
I am fortunate enough to live in Buffalo, so I was able to see you in Phantom as well as The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber in Toronto. Meeting you afterwards was the highlight of the whole trip! Unfortunately, my mom bought tickets to the Buffalo matinee for the same show, and we missed you. We'll be at the University at Buffalo concert in June, and can't wait to 'make it up'!
13 February 2006 12:19pm
This is an awesome site; I visit it whenever I'm on the Web (which is often!). I love Colm Wilkinson's voice and think he has to be the best singer out there.
10 February 2006 02:11pm
Kelly |
Hello Mr. Wilkinson,
I am looking forward to traveling to Buffalo, NY for your June concert. Not to wish my life away, but is it June,yet? I was just wondering, do I need to panic and get tickets for the Chicago run of Pirate Queen, or will you be appearing for a bit of a run in NY on Broadway? I definitely don't want to miss it!!

Thanks for your time,

7 February 2006 12:26pm
Heather Reynolds | |
Hi Colm. Me and my Mum and Dad and Sister and my family are really big fans of you and really enjoy your music and your acting roles on the West End. We just wanted you to know that. Thank you for all the entertainment you have given us. Good Luck and God Bless from Heather.
6 February 2006 01:03pm
Todd | |
Hello Mr. Wilkinson-
I just wanted to say A. thank you so much - your voice is an inspiration to us all, I am moved to goosebumps with nearly every track. Both soundtracks and regular albums alike - I can't quite get enough. It's something that will always be in my audio collection, no matter what format it moves to next. B. What about hitting up New England on that there tour? I know for sure I wouldn't be the only one to appreciate that. Thanks alot for putting yourself out there with this guestbook-

Todd Page
30 January 2006 06:39pm
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