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joe mc donald N Ireland |
hi colm.have just found your web site (I've been dragged into the 21th century.) I remember you from the witneses and saw you in Dublin on opening night of LES MIS. then again a few weeks later. the show was terrific and you can only be discribed as wonderful. I was very disappointed that your gig in Belfast was cancelled but things like that happen. Keep on keeping on. all the best "wee joe"
11 June 2006 07:10am
Virginia |
Happy Birthday, Colm! It's a wonderful day.
5 June 2006 05:53am
Jean Holler |
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday tomorrow, Colm.
Slainte, Jean and Eric
4 June 2006 10:34am
Jean Holler |
Congratulations Colm on being appointed an Honorary Patron of The Waterford Light Opera Festival.
Slainte, Jean and Eric, Vancouver
26 May 2006 06:16pm
Jonathan Dean |
Hi Mr. Wilkinson,

Back in 1998 I came to Toronto s wondering if you were returning to do Les Mis on Broadway in October. You probably aren't, as I heard you didn't want to reprise the role, but it would still be awesome if you did. I hope to meet you one day, and if you were in my favorite show that would be awesome.
21 May 2006 11:29am
Jean Holler |
Hello Colm,
Just dropping by to wish you, Deirdre and the family a very happy St. Patrick's Day!
Slainte, Jean and Eric, Vancouver
15 March 2006 06:37pm
You're my inspiriation. I can only hope and dream and pray that someday I'll be where you are. Take care, Colm.
10 March 2006 02:42am
Sarah |
Hello to the wonderfully talented Mr. Wilkinson! Well..where to begin. I fist heard you sing as the phantom when I was.. oh..let's just say I was really young. Ever since I heard the passion in your voice I have been a loyal admirer of your music and of The Phantom of the Opera. ( with the show, you could say that I am fantastically obsessed) Thank you for sharing your talent with the world and the beautiful power that you put into every note. My gratitude will never be enough. God Bless and I wish you good luck for many, many years to come.
6 March 2006 05:36pm
Paul Hill |
Hey Colm. Loving your work sir, you truly are an outstanding performer.I was just wondering if you will be coming to London any time soon as myself and a very good friend of mine would adore seeing you.Keep up the good work, let us not talk of bargains, or bones, or greed.
22 February 2006 08:15am
Vicki Boston |
Hi Colm.
I love you in Evita/Les Mis.
I loved your concert with Patti LuPone.
I heard Jean Val Jean is coming back on Broadway, October 21st.
Please come back on BROADWAY.
Bring Colm Home;Bring Colm Home.
17 February 2006 09:23am
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