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Pat Wick | |
I saw you last night at the UB Performing Arts Center in Buffalo. You were amazing!! Your music is so powerful and pure. I had dreamed of seeing you in person since seeing you on Johnny Carson many years ago. You absolutely reduced me to tears with "Bring Him Home" that night and still did last night. You are a true star. You make us all feel so special. When you signed my autograph you looked me right in the eyes and did the same for everyone else. That is a star! I hope to see you again!! Thank you for you and your music. Thanks to your family for letting you come out and play with us!!
1 July 2006 09:46am
Linda Hill |
Thank you for sharing your gift with the world.
26 June 2006 06:07am
Nightcat | |
Colm, just wanted to drop a note of thanks off here. I remember the yearly pilgramages to Toronto to see you as the Phantom. If it weren't for your sterling performance I doubt my site would be in existance. But much more importanly, I remember recieving an autograph from my favorite Phantom. I was so ill at the time I could barely get out of bed, but when your authograph arrived I found new strength to carry on. (You might remeber sending an autograph to SW PA, well it was for me.)I still have my huge poster of you as the Phantom framed and hanging in its place of honor. Any man with enough heart to write to sick kids deserves it. You will always be THE Phantom to me. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for your kindness years ago. Oh, I do have a review on the site under Pantages for you as well. God Bless! :)
25 June 2006 12:02pm
joe mc donald N Ireland |
hi colm.have just found your web site (I've been dragged into the 21th century.) I remember you from the witneses and saw you in Dublin on opening night of LES MIS. then again a few weeks later. the show was terrific and you can only be discribed as wonderful. I was very disappointed that your gig in Belfast was cancelled but things like that happen. Keep on keeping on. all the best "wee joe"
11 June 2006 07:10am
Virginia |
Happy Birthday, Colm! It's a wonderful day.
5 June 2006 05:53am
Jean Holler |
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday tomorrow, Colm.
Slainte, Jean and Eric
4 June 2006 10:34am
Jean Holler |
Congratulations Colm on being appointed an Honorary Patron of The Waterford Light Opera Festival.
Slainte, Jean and Eric, Vancouver
26 May 2006 06:16pm
Jonathan Dean |
Hi Mr. Wilkinson,

Back in 1998 I came to Toronto s wondering if you were returning to do Les Mis on Broadway in October. You probably aren't, as I heard you didn't want to reprise the role, but it would still be awesome if you did. I hope to meet you one day, and if you were in my favorite show that would be awesome.
21 May 2006 11:29am
Jean Holler |
Hello Colm,
Just dropping by to wish you, Deirdre and the family a very happy St. Patrick's Day!
Slainte, Jean and Eric, Vancouver
15 March 2006 06:37pm
You're my inspiriation. I can only hope and dream and pray that someday I'll be where you are. Take care, Colm.
10 March 2006 02:42am
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