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Heather Lewis | |
Dear Colm,

I was thinking of you the other day, and I remember when you played the Phantom in Toronto about 12 years ago. I get goosebumps everytime I hear you singing.

I also loved Les Miz, especially when you sang "Bring Him Home". I cry every time I hear it.

Anyway, I wish you all the best of luck in your performances, and I hope you'll perform in Montreal sometime soon!

Take care!

Best wishes,

Heather Lewis
25 September 2006 10:14am
John Hare |
Years ago, my wife, our two sons, and I saw you in "Music of the Night" in Washington, D.C. It was our first night out with my widowed father-in-law's new girlfriend, now his wife. Since then, we've been making do with CDs. Any chance that you'll be in Washington again soon?
24 September 2006 05:43pm
Samsweiser | |
Mr. Wilkinson, we heard your name from our Western Literature Pro. when he was introducing Victor Hugo's works "Les Miserables"... And right now I recognaized your voice in "Music Of Night", coz the Professor once shared with us his collection---"One Day More", that is absolutely marvelous, boiled the whole class!

Best wishes for you from China!
15 September 2006 02:14am
Kathy Soto |
I was just wondering if Colm will be appearing again on the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon this year. Your performance last year was fabulous and I hope to see you again this year.
1 September 2006 06:52am
John Elicker |
Dear Mr. Wilkinson,
God has blessed you with a magnificent voice and enormous acting abilities. You have chosen to bless the world by sharing these with us. For this I am forever grateful and can only say thank you so much.
Warm regards,
John & Judie Elicker
York, PA - USA
14 August 2006 12:53pm
Jessica Henry | |
Hi, Colm, I just wanted to saw that you should definately come to the Memphis Orpheum. We would love to have you! I also wanted to mention that you are in my Broadway Book that I am creating!

Now, on with the point. I was just wondering, what advice do you have for a high-school-age girl who wants to be on Broadway?

Appreciation and admiration muchly,
31 July 2006 06:04pm
Anne | |
I was just wondering if you were going to take up the role of Jean Valjean again (maybe if they did another tour) I just recently went to see Les Miz for the first time during one of the last performances. I compare everything to the 10th Anniversary CD. The Valjean we had was great, but it would be amazing to see the original!
28 July 2006 01:52pm
becky mcgarrity |
wondering if you would ever come to st. louis? it's very midwest, but you'd have a great audience!! our family still lives in belfast, but we return to ireland to visit. but it would be nice to see you in the states!
19 July 2006 09:16am
Grace Gormley |
We went to our first Colm Wilkinson concert in Buffalo on 06/30, and it will not be our last. Not to sound like a gushing groupie, but the voice is phenomenal. If you are going to appear in Dublin, we will be there.
10 July 2006 09:09am
Marcy Sheerin |
Colm ~
I am SUCH a fan of yours! While scarcity does make your work most precious, please let us see & hear more of you! A new CD! More concerts, particularly in the Midwest US (I live in St Louis MO)!

Thanks for your gift!
Marcy Sheerin
9 July 2006 04:55pm
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