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Samsweiser | |
Mr. Wilkinson, we heard your name from our Western Literature Pro. when he was introducing Victor Hugo's works "Les Miserables"... And right now I recognaized your voice in "Music Of Night", coz the Professor once shared with us his collection---"One Day More", that is absolutely marvelous, boiled the whole class!

Best wishes for you from China!
15 September 2006 02:14am
Kathy Soto |
I was just wondering if Colm will be appearing again on the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon this year. Your performance last year was fabulous and I hope to see you again this year.
1 September 2006 06:52am
John Elicker |
Dear Mr. Wilkinson,
God has blessed you with a magnificent voice and enormous acting abilities. You have chosen to bless the world by sharing these with us. For this I am forever grateful and can only say thank you so much.
Warm regards,
John & Judie Elicker
York, PA - USA
14 August 2006 12:53pm
Jessica Henry | |
Hi, Colm, I just wanted to saw that you should definately come to the Memphis Orpheum. We would love to have you! I also wanted to mention that you are in my Broadway Book that I am creating!

Now, on with the point. I was just wondering, what advice do you have for a high-school-age girl who wants to be on Broadway?

Appreciation and admiration muchly,
31 July 2006 06:04pm
Anne | |
I was just wondering if you were going to take up the role of Jean Valjean again (maybe if they did another tour) I just recently went to see Les Miz for the first time during one of the last performances. I compare everything to the 10th Anniversary CD. The Valjean we had was great, but it would be amazing to see the original!
28 July 2006 01:52pm
becky mcgarrity |
wondering if you would ever come to st. louis? it's very midwest, but you'd have a great audience!! our family still lives in belfast, but we return to ireland to visit. but it would be nice to see you in the states!
19 July 2006 09:16am
Grace Gormley |
We went to our first Colm Wilkinson concert in Buffalo on 06/30, and it will not be our last. Not to sound like a gushing groupie, but the voice is phenomenal. If you are going to appear in Dublin, we will be there.
10 July 2006 09:09am
Marcy Sheerin |
Colm ~
I am SUCH a fan of yours! While scarcity does make your work most precious, please let us see & hear more of you! A new CD! More concerts, particularly in the Midwest US (I live in St Louis MO)!

Thanks for your gift!
Marcy Sheerin
9 July 2006 04:55pm
Josie & BIll |
We have been to Toronto 6 times to see the Phantom and were lucky enough to see your performance, it was the best. We are big fans of yours and hope to see you in concert someday. Hope you make it to Pittsburgh, Pa.
7 July 2006 05:17pm
Vivienne McKenna |
Greetings from the Antipodes! Is there any chance you would be visiting Australia one day to perform? We're quite civilised these days and it would be wonderful to see you live on stage.
6 July 2006 10:12pm
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