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Jackie MacDougall |
I can`t believe you are coming to Nova Scotia!! We have been fans for many years and have spent many blissfull hours listening to your cd`s and soundtracks. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us.
19 June 2007 04:39pm
Diana Trusz |
Bonjour Mr. Wilkinson!
I would just like to say how much I adore you, your voice & your acting. I don't believe there's one CD or DVD of yours that I don't own - your voice is indescribable in its pure awesomeness! ;) :) I've never had the chance to see you perform live in concert - I only have YOUTUBE and the DVDs to go by. I'm hoping you have plans to return to T.O. to do some singing. Love ya! Your the best!
6 June 2007 00:06am
Amy |
Hey Colm, your site is great. You're a great performer! Your recordings were the first I ever heard of of the Phantom and Valjean so I always find myself comparing everyone else's performances to yours! I didn't know you live in Canada- you should come do a concert in Ottawa sometime. It is our nation's capital!
5 June 2007 02:11pm
rosalyn cheung |
hi colm would just like to say your the very best jean val jean no one will surpass you i would realy love to meet you.your voice is a dream
3 June 2007 10:49am
Larry Darbon | |
Dear Colm. I bought your DVD with Patti Lupone several years ago and my wife and I loved it. I lost her last year after 49 glorious years and I still play it as it gives me great solace and I cry thinking of her as I listen to it.I hope that you can come to the UK sometime to perform and I can see and thank you in person for keeping our memories alive. God Bles You. Larry Darbon
27 May 2007 03:29am
Virginia-Taye Cook |
Watching a video clip of you, The Phantom in Canada with Sarah Brightside, never before have I encountered a human being capable of making love to the spirit and soul of ones love as Erik does in "Music of The Night." Would but I be capable of standing in for her soul would be lost forever.
25 May 2007 01:42pm
Charlie |
Mr. Wilkinson;

I am the mother of two daughers, aged 14 and 10, we live in Northern Nevada, USA. We would sure love it if you could find your way out toward the Western United States so we could hear you sing in person. We have some CD's and the "Les Miserables Dream Cast in Concert" DVD. We love your voice, passion and stage pressence.

We would love to see you do anything at all. Phantom or Valjean comes to mind... Or Jekyll and Hyde, or anything. We are not that picky.

Regardless, thank you for bringing people beauty and joy. It is a great thing to be able to do.

I wish you enough.

Charlie Goggin
19 May 2007 10:32pm
laura |
please come over to england, would be great to see you perform. les miserables absolutely fantastic you are truly amazing.
16 May 2007 03:15pm
Adam Rork |
Hello Mr. Wilkinson!! I was just wondering when your next performance was going to be. Are you going to become Jean Valjean angain anytime soon? Just wondering. God Bless you and your Family!!
13 May 2007 11:41am
Leila D. Curry | |
Hi Colm Wilkinson,
I just love your Website,its so cool!!!!!

Leila D.Curry
25 April 2007 05:45am
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