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Yap Li-Ren |
Dear Mr. Colm Wilkinson,
This is Li-ren(13 yrs old)writing to you. I've been admiring your singing in the film LES MISERABLES and am now doing a project for e-learning. Could you let me know your hobby please? Thank you and God Bless you and your family.
5 March 2007 06:47pm
John Mullins |
Hi Colm Me Auld Flower
Only just got into this whole interweb stuff and found this site so i had to leave a message. I was at your Some Of My Best Friends Are Songs gig in Vicar Street in DUBLIN. I have all your CD'S and few DVD'S with ya on them. That was my first time to see ye in the flesh and OH MY GOD you the man. Hope to see ya on home soil soon.
Oh and you're quite a nice bloke for a southsider.

Health and Peace to you and yours.
17 February 2007 03:13pm
Desperate Colm Fan
Colm, We NEED a concert--soon!! June was a long time ago!!
8 February 2007 06:04pm
Sue Anderson |
You are an amazing talent. We loved you in Les Miz and Phantom. Love your albums also. Any chance of any concerts in California in 2007??
8 February 2007 01:11pm
Jill |
Hello Mr. Wilkinson,
You have been my idol since I saw your production of the Phantom when I was about 4 years old. That was the only time my parents have ever seen me so quiet!
You came to Chatham, Ontario for a concert and then you spoke with the cast of CKSS's Les Mis. I cannot tell you how happy you made many of the students. I- being one of them. We could not take our eyes or ears off of you, and you absolutely made our day- if not life. You are an absolute inspiration, and you have something that nobody else has. I just hope you understand how you touch people's lives in such a way, that you make them want to be better in their everyday life.
I am now in University for music, and if it weren't for you- I would probably be in a different field.
Thank you so much for everything that you do, and we are PRAYING that you come back to Chatham (or surrounding area) someday very, very soon!
Thank you again, God bless you...
29 January 2007 06:54am
Brian Lucas |
You are the voice of Les Miserables. I have listened to all the others who play Jean Valjean they are better than good but happy to say Colm Wilkinson is the best.

Thanks for all the special moments.
24 January 2007 07:05am
Colm, where are you? We(some of your Rochester, NY fans)are going through an extremely major Colm withdrawal. Are you planning any appearances in the near future? We love your music, but we also love your magnetic stage performance. We couldn't make your Dublin gig. So we are impatiently waiting for a night with Colm closer to home. As far as we know you haven't appeared anywhere(except Dublin) since Buffalo, NY on June 30th of 06. We hope you and your Family are healthy and happy. See you soon, we hope!
19 January 2007 09:00am
I (along with friends) love Les Mis! And The Phantom and Jesus Christ Super Star, the list goes on and on!!!!! I am a BIG FAN!!!!!
14 January 2007 08:37pm
I love Les mis!! My parents named me after Kosette! YAY!
12 January 2007 07:28pm
Kosette |
I loved Les Mis! My real name is Kosette, my parents liked it so much!
12 January 2007 07:26pm
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