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laura |
please come over to england, would be great to see you perform. les miserables absolutely fantastic you are truly amazing.
16 May 2007 03:15pm
Adam Rork |
Hello Mr. Wilkinson!! I was just wondering when your next performance was going to be. Are you going to become Jean Valjean angain anytime soon? Just wondering. God Bless you and your Family!!
13 May 2007 11:41am
Leila D. Curry | |
Hi Colm Wilkinson,
I just love your Website,its so cool!!!!!

Leila D.Curry
25 April 2007 05:45am
Jerome Fugoso
HI, Colm! :) Im from Manila. I heard the Evita Concept Album and i loved it! You're the BEST Valjean and Phantom ever! I wish you good health and please continue doing your craft. You are AMAZING!
3 April 2007 09:28pm
Macaulay | |
Mr. Wilkinson, I debated for a while over who was the best phantom out of you & Mr. Crawford (what a predicament). I was watching Hey Mr. Producer & I thought your performence w/ Mrs. Vroman was phenominal 11/10. 'One Final Question' what did Mr. Lloyd - Webber say to your phantom audition? It's just I would like to play the Phantom, and when I sing a song from Phantom I sing it like you sing it.
30 March 2007 04:42am
Mrs. Tarrant |
I have just discovered Mr. Wilkinson as he portrayed Jean Valjean in the 10th anniversary edition of Les Miserables someone gave me as a gift. This concert prompted me to “google” this talented performer along with others on the “dream cast”. Can’t believe I did not know this concert existed – guess I’ve been asleep or something. My 5 yr. old daughter watches this concert edition as well. Her desire to view this on the t.v. far outweighs the desire for cartoons at the moment…which is fine with me. Anyway, Thank you for your talent, work and service in entertaining and educating us.
29 March 2007 09:00am
annagao |
So wonderful voice. Are there plan to have a tour to China?
Really look forward to listening you in the theater. God blesses you!
25 March 2007 03:59am
annagao |
When I listened you, I cann't believed there is so wonderful voice. Are there any plan for you to have a performance in China? Best wishes to you!
25 March 2007 03:33am
Robbie Woods |
Dear Mr. Wilkinson,

I am a 17 year old singer/actor. I stumbled upon this site, and I decided I had to take a few minutes just to say thank you. You were the person who first inspired my interest in theatre. My mother saw you as Jean Valjean in Hamilton. She bought the Original London Soundtrack after the show, and played it around the house for weeks. I used to sing along to the recording with your voice for hours, until I knew the whole show word for word. Since then, I have always known I wanted to tell stories with my voice, the way you did for me when I was a child. So once again, thank you. It is always a joy to hear you sing.

Yours truly,

Robbie Woods
18 March 2007 05:58pm
Yap Li-Ren |
Dear Mr. Colm Wilkinson,
This is Li-ren(13 yrs old)writing to you. I've been admiring your singing in the film LES MISERABLES and am now doing a project for e-learning. Could you let me know your hobby please? Thank you and God Bless you and your family.
5 March 2007 06:47pm
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