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Elizabeth Bachelder |
For a suggestion will you ever have time to come to Hamilton Ont.? I'll be going to your concert in Kitchener thats the closest place I can get from here.
17 September 2007 11:20am
Rhodri |
Hi Colm,
I`ve always admired your work, as someone who has played with many youth musical shows in the uk, I am not the only person who regards you as truely a phenominal vocalist and perfomer. These days I`m a web designer, and your site is great too. All round, you`re certainly doing something right, hope you keep going, lots of people, myself included, love and respect you.
All the best,
looking forward to the UK tour ;)
14 September 2007 04:08pm
Casey Koeltzow |
I grew up watching the video of the 10th anniversary Les Mis performance at Royal Albert Hall. I just love you, your voice takes my breath away, what a talent you are! My husband and I recently saw Les Mis performed at the Queens Theatre starring John Owen Jones as Valjean. It was amazing to see it live, but nothing will ever top your performance as Valjean! If you will be performing in anything in England from 2007 to 2010 I would love to know! Best of luck in your future endeavors!

-Casey Koeltzow
11 September 2007 09:32am
Danny McErlain |
Would love to work with you on piano! Check with Steve Heathcote and Bob DeAngelis.
3 September 2007 10:05am
Doodie Cahill |
Looking forward to seeing you in Edmonton. Hope I get a chance to meet you again. The last time we met was at the Ireland Funds annual meeting in Dublin. My husband and I plan to be at your concert. See you there
21 August 2007 12:17pm
Rochester Fans
Tickets for Colm's concerts go on sale tomorrow morning (8-19-07). We found out today we could have purchased tickets a week ago with an American Express card. Has there been any publicity about these advance sales? I haven't seen any. There are still good seats available so we are looking forward to seeing you in Montreal and Kitchener. Knock'em dead!
17 August 2007 08:53pm
Neale | |
Hey Dude !! you're awesome !! Love all your work but gotta say 'Les Miserables' had no better Valjean than your good self .. would love to see you and Phillip Quast on the road together !! Stay safe dude ..
12 August 2007 10:54am
Marcia Cummings |
From the one who gave her mind blindly in Toronto many years ago, still hoping I'll hear you sing again soon--maybe I'll make it to Brampton! All my best wishes!
12 August 2007 09:06am
lorraine george |
Could you please tell me if you will be touring Australia in the near future. I really enjoyed your role in the 10th anniversary of Les Mis. I look forward to hearing your rely. Thanking you in anticipation.
12 August 2007 02:50am
Anne & Geoff Brown | |
Dear Mr. Wilkinson Having arrived from the south of England at the lovely city of Dublin & experienced the extraordinary kindness & generosity of the Irish People we made our way to the Iveagh Gardens for your concert on 22nd July 2007. The lovely setting of the amphitheatre among the trees & the waterfalls added to the wonderful ambience of the occasion. There, we were superbly entertained by you in such a richly talented yet unassuming way. The support from Rebecca Storm & the National Concert Hall Orchestra was great. It was a privilege for us to be in the audience to see & hear you ,back home again amongst your friends & family & 2500 happy people. Incidentally the suit looked wonderful; is there a chance that you are doing a bit of modelling work for Armani. Sure and you looked good without the 'Mask'!!Good luck with the Canadian tour. We send you thanks & appreciation & all good wishes to you & your family. May your God go with you. Yours Geoff & Anne.
1 August 2007 11:56am
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