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Andrew Peryer |
Colm-the concert in Iveagh gardens Dublin was absolutely superb-Thankyou!
It was such a beautiful setting and the rain stopped for the whole concert-How did you arrange that??
My daughter Rachel who is 9 and has loved your singing for several years now was absolutely enthralled and Rebecca Storm was excellent singing Tell Me It's Not true and Evita!
For those who missed it, Colm sang Music of The Night from Phantom as a starter then quite a wide range of songs including Whisky in the Jar, Man of La Mancha, Some Enchanted Evening,This Is The Moment,a medley of other songs and I cannot Stay, from the latest album..and of course Bring Him Home from Les Mis.
The National Concert Orchestra were great too!
What agreat sense of humour and a really lovely evening.
A brilliant concert!!!!!!
24 July 2007 11:49am
Cindy O'Connor |
Colm- you are my favorite and always will be. I wish I could have visited my favorite vacation spot-Ireland, just to see and hear you as it would have been dream come true. Please come back to Buffalo soon!!
23 July 2007 04:39pm
Michael Collins |
Sir, Thank you as always for yet another brilliant concert in the Iveagh Gardens, Dublin last night. All the favourites. Especially enjoyed the cupla focal and the Dublin lyrics for Whiter Shade of Pale!
Jumps timed perfectly with Desi Reynolds on drums. Can't beat the old reliables! But one appearance each year not enough. Still want a dvd; may I nominate Born to Sing, House of the
Risin Sun and Ol' Man River to be included? (Take a fans favourite poll).
Thanks also for chatting on Saturday.
Best wishes. Michael
23 July 2007 03:26pm
Andrew Peryer |
Hi Colm-I can't wait to see you at your Dublin Concert next Sunday!
We were due to see you about 3 years ago in Killarney but yu were ill-So here's hoping all is well this time.
My daughter rachel is looking forward to it too and she is 9-I hope we can meet to say hello!
Best wishes
Andrew Wendy and Rachel
14 July 2007 10:49am
Rielle Gates |
So I've never thought I'd get the chance to see Mr. Wilkinson perform and I saw an add in the paper saying he was coming to Halifax, Nova Scotia at the Rebecca Cohn on Oct. 6-7. But the Rebecca Cohn said it was unconfirmed. If it doesn't get confirmed there, is there another venue?
21 June 2007 03:45pm
Jill Cory | |
Looking forward to seeing you in concert in Dublin in July. It will be an ambition realised. If only you would come to London or elsewhere in UK I would always be there, as it is I am having to fly which makes it mega expensive. However I know it will be worth every penny.
19 June 2007 11:55pm
Mary Gibson |
Hi Colm, I saw you in Phantom of the Opera in Toronto many years ago and purchaed the CD. I have played it over and over to the point that one of my 15 yr. twins has an obsession with the story. I took her to see it March 4th this year and wished that you were playing the role of Erik so she could see what a true performer you really are. My daughter and I think that your voice is the most beautiful thing we have ever heard. We will be home in Ireland this summer for 6 weeks and hope to see you in the National Concert hall on July 22nd. I am having difficulty purchasing tickets. I have tried many times but am not having any success. I suppose we will have to wait until you arrive at the Rose Theatre in Brampton but it would be wonderful to see both performances. Perhaps she could have an interview with you or even an autograph. We sat at the computer last year and listened to many of your songs. One she remembers well was was Maria and this past month she had a role in West Side Story which brought back the memories of hearing you sing that beautiful song. No she did not play Maria but maybe one day she will play the role of Christine. It is a wish. I hope I have not bored you with my tale but I just felt I had to share it with you.
Thanks for your time.

Mary and Katrina Gibson
19 June 2007 07:21pm
Jackie MacDougall |
I can`t believe you are coming to Nova Scotia!! We have been fans for many years and have spent many blissfull hours listening to your cd`s and soundtracks. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us.
19 June 2007 04:39pm
Diana Trusz |
Bonjour Mr. Wilkinson!
I would just like to say how much I adore you, your voice & your acting. I don't believe there's one CD or DVD of yours that I don't own - your voice is indescribable in its pure awesomeness! ;) :) I've never had the chance to see you perform live in concert - I only have YOUTUBE and the DVDs to go by. I'm hoping you have plans to return to T.O. to do some singing. Love ya! Your the best!
6 June 2007 00:06am
Amy |
Hey Colm, your site is great. You're a great performer! Your recordings were the first I ever heard of of the Phantom and Valjean so I always find myself comparing everyone else's performances to yours! I didn't know you live in Canada- you should come do a concert in Ottawa sometime. It is our nation's capital!
5 June 2007 02:11pm
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