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Frank Backitis |
Dear Mr. Wilkinson:

I had the extreme honor and privilege to be in the audience of Les Misérables at the Imperial Theater the night you performed as a memorial to your then-recently departed father. It's been over 25 years since then, but the raw emotion and feelings from that magnificent performance still leave me in awe to this day. I had never, and to this day have never again, been some overwhelmed and moved by a theatrical performance like I was that night. And the memory of that night helped me greatly when my own father passed away some seven years later. I hope it will mean something to you that your memorial performance lives on in my memory, keeping the memory or your father -- and mine -- alive to this day.
9 October 2016 02:43pm
Hi Colm,

I'm not sure if this is really you or not, but I'm going to send you this letter anyway. My name is Jenny McClarren. I have been writing you letters since I was 14 years old and never knew I could actually have the potential of getting one to you. I grew up with you, and you have inspired me in so many ways. I was raised on Les Miserables, and I'll never forget the first time I saw it live in New York City. I almost soiled myself with excitement. I have followed the musical around the country, but it was always missing what meant the most to me.... YOU. The truth is, sir, you ARE Les Miz. You made what Les Miz is to me. Imagine my excitement when you took on the role of the bishop in the movie. I've never cried so hard during a movie as I did when you passed the candlesticks to Hugh.

I have always said if I had a dying wish, it would be to shake your hand. I wish I could express to you how much you changed my life. When I was sad, I listened to you sing. I didn't even care which song... be it Music of the Night, or Who Am I, your music touched my heart. When I was happy, I listened to you sing. You helped me through the death of my father. You helped me through my divorce. You were there when my daughter was born. My daughter (now 6) knows who you are, and what you mean to me. I have a rare medical condition called cluster headaches, and your voice gets me through the suicidal attacks.

I found out you are going to be in Buffalo, NY. I would give anything to be there... but it's just not possible this year.

I am sure you get these letters all the time. I just want the chance to tell you how much you have spoken to my heart, and continue to do so. Thank you, Colm.

5 October 2016 09:54am
Evelyn Anderson
Hi Colm,

You probably don't remember us. We were with you in Toronto 17 years ago. Eleni Anderson was young Cossette. I am her mom Evelyn Anderson. I hope all is well with you and your family. We have such wonderful memories of you.
27 September 2016 10:59pm
Bryann Burgess
Hi Colm! My name is Bryann and I love being your fan! I am an actress in South Carolina and I appreciate your wonderful work in acting. Thank you so very much for motivating me!
27 September 2016 10:52pm
Ben Wallace
Dear Mr. Wilkinson,

My name is Ben Wallace, a teenager with a major obsession for musical theatre. Of all the fabulous talents and voices on the stage, yours is king in my mind. I really wish that I was a tenor instead of a bass so that I could attempt to sing some of the same songs you’re so famous for- of course, nobody can match your beautiful, powerful voice. One of my favourite shows is Phantom, and the only recording I ever listen to is the Original Canadian Cast recording. In my opinion, no other Phantom has ever sung in such a haunting yet soothing way. Naturally, I also only listen to Les Miz recordings with you as Valjean. “Bring Him Home”, “Who Am I”, and “One Day More” give everybody shivers, I’m sure. What are the odds that my favourite vocalist played two of my favourite roles?

I have to ask, was your vocal range always so stunning? Do you have any advice for a young actor and musician? I just finished playing the Pirate King in Gilbert and Sullivan’s Pirates of Penzance, and I found that at the end of the run my voice was giving out. Do you have any techniques I could use to keep my voice in fine form for an entire show?

This very year you performed in my hometown of Guelph, Ontario, and I was very disheartened to find that I had missed out on seeing you perform live! I sincerely hope that you make a return very soon, as it’s not every day an opportunity like that comes around.

I’m not sure if you’ll read this, and it seems far less likely that I’ll receive a response, but if you do end up seeing this message I want to thank you for your time and for sharing your incredible talents with the world!

Ben Wallace
9 August 2016 09:49pm
Victoria Rimmey

We will be flying from Denver, Colorado to Canada for the first time to see Mr. Wilkinson's show on December 2nd. Having grown up with Mr. Wilkinson's music, we are incredibly excited to finally get the chance to see him perform live. However, this show is particularly special for us because of a young companion who will be accompanying us.

When I was pregnant with my son earlier this year, my husband and I had a short list of names that we were interested in but did not want to come to a final consensus until the baby was born. One day, I was listening to music when Mr. Wilkinson's name popped up. Given our family tradition of giving firstborn sons the middle name of "Williamson", I jokingly mentioned we should name our son "Colm Williamson" as a play on words. We didn't think much of it, but when our son was finally born on May 1st, we realized that he 100% was a "Colm" and that no other name would do. And thus, Colm Williamson Amadeus Rimmey was born -- named after our favorite performer as an homage to our mutual love of musical theatre, and our hopes for a life filled with as much music and success as his namesake. Our precious Colm will be attending the show with us in December, and we are so incredibly excited for him to get the chance to see the man who inspired his name. We have attached a picture of our happy little Colm, though he will be much bigger by the time the concert rolls around :)

While there are so, so many songs that we would love to hear performed live (we're big time show tune and Beatles lovers, so the list would be endless!), our one real request is for "First of May" -- primarily because that's when our little Colm was born!

Thank you so much for allowing us to share our story! We are looking forward to December!


Victoria and Adam Rimmey (and baby Colm)

28 June 2016 11:34pm
Karla von Lehe
Happy Birthday (a date late)

We saw you numerous times when we lived in Toronto in the 1990's.
We just introduced our grandson to Phantom of the Opera (at the Royal Albert Hall). Thank you for all the wonderful memories, we love listening to your amazing voice.

Karla and John von Lehe
6 June 2016 10:38pm
Briantsev Youri
We love your music, happens at our concerts. We decided to create your fanclub in our city, collect your posters, magazines, CDs, promo CD, DVD, LP et al. Agitate school, youth, students.
Please send free second-hand (Music CD, promotional CD, posters ...) to address:
Letnaya 30-1-6 Mitischi Mosk 141021 RUSSIA
26 April 2016 10:29pm
Cameron Grabowski
Dear Colm,

I do hope this email reaches you. I wanted to write to you to express my respect for the work you have undertaken throughout your career and the admiration I have in particular for your performance of Jean Valjean in Les Miserables. My brother and I have seen the show many, many times over the last few years and remain captivated by the characters and the story, written flawlessly for the stage, but particularly the music binding them together.

Neither of us have ever been able to agree on which is our favourite song from Les Mis nor can we agree on our favourite moment in the story but we have both been in agreement from the very first time our mother played us the Original London Cast recording that your performance as Jean Valjean is our favourite and has served as a true inspiration to us for many years and will for many more. My brother was recently lucky enough to perform as Jean Valjean in his school’s production of Les Mis and was hugely influenced by you and your efforts.

So thank you, Colm, for the inspiration and joy you have brought us.

Kindest regards,

Cameron Grabowski
10 April 2016 10:27am
Huang Rui |
I am learning English.Now,I am 17 years old ,but just begining the learning of English .So,it will creat some problemes for me to express my mind .And, I am sorry that make you feel puzzeled when
you read my message because I wrote many wrong words.
I want to write this letter, since I saw “ Les Miserables”,the musical theatre.You made Jean Vaijean relived.You helped me understanding the novel written by Victor Hugo.I have learned that a man must be honest and be kind.Thank you !
I am a girl.I like culture.I wish that I can arrive lundon in future and visit you.
The world is nice.It is really nice.

Best Wishes
Huang Rui
2 April 2016 10:00am
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