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Louise MacDonald |
Dearest Colm,

I was privileged to be a member of the audience at your Montreal performance on the 13th. Indeed I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to see you live on stage once again (Phantom 1990). The show is wonderful! I want to see it all over again, and again... Thank you for sharing your gift with us and please come back to Montreal soon!

P.S. I do hope your hip heals quickly.
15 October 2007 09:02am
My friends and I attended your concert at Mile One in St. John's, NL, it was incredible. I hope you will come back to St. John's again soon, we are spreading the word to everyone we know. I saw the Phantom in Toronto years ago and loved it. We were even considering going back to see it again the next evening but were unable to get tickets. Thanks for the wonderful concert and please come back again.
15 October 2007 08:23am
Patsy from London |
To the finest musical theatre voice ever!
Would love to see more of you, When oh when are you going to do something in London! It's not such a bad place!!
God bless that voice and that talent.
15 October 2007 03:28am
Heather |
An absolutely wonderful show at Mile One Centre last night (Oct.11th). Many, many people have no idea what they've missed. Hopefully you'll be able to visit "the rock" again and have a much bigger audience. We'll be spreading the word. Hope the rest of your tour is fantastic! Thanks, thanks, thanks.
12 October 2007 03:47am
Gloria |
We travelled five hours to attend your concert in PEI and we thank you for an amazing evening. Front row seats with a new generation of Colm Wilkinson fans with me. We wish you well as you share your gift with the rest of Canada.
God bless you!
10 October 2007 03:45pm
Libby Kennedy |
I just had to gush about your concert, here in Charlottetown, last night. You were amazing!! Everything I had hoped for. Only those of use in the audience know how lucky we were to be there. Please, Please, Please come back again and honour us with your presence, your talent and your charm.
You ROCK!!
10 October 2007 07:46am
Pierre Chiasson |
Dear Colm,
I just returned from your concert, and just had to let you know I was just THRILLED!!!! God bless you and your family, God bless your work, and I do hope God will take away the pain in your back.
I have nothing but nice things to say to you and about you, and - for what it is worth - your work has brought me much peace in my own struggle to know my place in this world.
Thank you, Colm, for all you do and all you have done. If you are ever here for that holiday you mentioned, I would happily take my vacation to show you and your family around.
Be cool my friend, thank you for being you...I'm sure I speak for all there tonight when I say "We were honored to have you as our guest"
Take good care of Colm,
Don't be a stranger,
PS - Sheila [The little woman] says " Ditto"
9 October 2007 07:15pm
Judy Thomas |
Dear Colm,
Wishing you great success with your upcoming tour. Unfortunately, I won't be able to travel North of the border to hear you this time.
Just an aside - I recently heard Ted Neeley on his 'farewell' tour with JCSS - no violins! If he can do it, you can do it better! Give your audiences a real treat and sing "Gethsemane".
4 October 2007 10:17am
Fans Near and Far
As your concert tour gets underway this weekend in Halifax, we all wish you a hugely successful tour! We will meet up with you here and there at your various venues, and once again look forward to a concert by one of the greatest voices on this continent! God Bless and Good Luck!
3 October 2007 02:59pm
Nelson Rodrigues |
Dear Colm, I enjoyed very much you in Les Miserables. You were very,very good. I have the dvd of Les Miserables play with you in it.
Again you were wonderful in Les Miserables...

Regards, Nelson
1 October 2007 05:26pm
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