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Steve & Christine |
Saw your concert in Brampton Ont Canada on Monday night Oct 22/07 and words cannot describe what a great time my wife and I had you brought tears to my eyes while singing Bring Him Home. We can't wait to see you again.

24 October 2007 05:59pm
Janet Roscoe |
Colm, thank you for a superb concert in Brampton on October 22. It was way too short - you will have to return for an encore!
24 October 2007 03:57am
Matt Hodgson |
Colm - I hope the applause from our "half-packed" house in Kitchener gave you some intimation of how much you are loved. You very nearly got a standing ovation before you sang a note! Friday night was superb. Please return to do it all again.

Sincerely, Matt
22 October 2007 06:20am
Laurie & Paul Gilmore
Greetings from New Dundee,ON: Excellent program at the Centre in the Square,Kitchener. L.liked the presentations almost as much as a real play. Colm was quite varied in material and spectacular; Greta and Susan (probably a Scottish cousin!)were superb and fine harmony to Colm. Thank you for a wonderful "the night is early" in K-W, especially the encores. Sincerely
20 October 2007 06:17am
Riley |
I just saw your show tonight in Waterloo and I had to say my piece. I am 17 years old, and I have been hearing your voice for over ten years, from Les Mis, to Phantom, to Jekyll & Hyde and back. Tonight was like being close to many childhood memories and I want to genuinely thank you for the oppertunity and the expirience... Old and new! I cannot begin to say how much in meant to be there tonight.
Thank you tons,
19 October 2007 09:03pm
Tim Brooks |
This message is for all fans of future shows. WOW you are going to be blown away. P.S Don't be late you won't want to miss a thing. If you want Colm to laugh ... tell him your from Belle River. Trust me he will love it. GREAT show and worth the dough!!! Colm, see you again when you return to Windsor!
18 October 2007 07:43pm
Shannon Parker |
Colm, I just saw your show in Windsor Tuesday night and I am blown away. Your voice is so mesmerizing and sounds even better live than on recordings. Since I first heard the Toronto cast of Phantom I knew you were the only one that could truly make his song take flight. I absolutely loved the five octave ending on Music of the Night. Bring Him Home also sounded wonderful. You sang everything so perfect and not one note was flawed. When the man said it was "great to have you" he said it all. I am so glad you came to Windsor so I could see your performance. Thanks for all the humorous stories you shared as well. Keep up the good work and the wonderful singing because you are truly one of the most extraordinary singers I have ever heard.
18 October 2007 05:10am
hermie |
dear mr wilkinson,
my fiance and i really loved your song "we are one" hope you could help me find the lyrics....i am sad because i can't find it on the way i live in the philippines and my fiance is from PE canada
16 October 2007 05:34pm
Sharron Quinn |
I thoroughly enjoyed your show Broadway and Beyond here in Ottawa, Ontario, Can. on Oct. 14th. You sang every song we wanted to hear. It was fantastic. Loved the request box idea
16 October 2007 10:06am
David Lordlky |
We saw you perform at the NAC in Ottawa last evening. It was an absolutely spectacular performance, with a fantastic mix of incredible vocals, laughter and tears. Your rendition of Danny Boy was very emotional. Thank you for a wonderful evening.
15 October 2007 02:46pm
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