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Valerie Lavorato |
It was my good fortune to attend your performance last night. You are fabulous!
1 November 2007 07:37am
Caroline Heaton |
Hi Colm
I went to your concert Oct 14/07 in Ottawa. It was a fantastic concert, I had a great time. Your voice is still great. I hope you enjoyed Ottawa, even thou you had a hard time getting a response from the audience at certain times. I hope the rest of tour goes well with Susan Gilmour & Gretha Boston, they were both fantastic also as singers.
30 October 2007 09:22pm
Debbie Nielsen |
Thank you Colm for coming to Calgary. I have wanted to see you since you performed in Toronto but was unable to attend. Tonight was truly a dream come true for me. Thank you for being Valjean one more time and singing Bring Him Home. Please come back sooner than later.
30 October 2007 00:00am
Lynn Charlton |
Dear Mr. Wilkinson,
I was privileged to be a member of your audience earlier this month at your opening concert in Halifax on October 6th. Although I eagerly awaited the performance, I had not anticipated the impact the evening would have.
I have been fortunate enough to have seen Les Miserables and The Phantom of the Opera, so when I saw the news about the concert tour I knew that this would be a wonderful musical event. The evening though was so much more. When you began the concert with " Music of the Night", I wondered what you would sing for the rest of the evening. But that was where the true magic of the evening began.
During your rendition of "The Tennessee Waltz" I realized that you did not just want to sing for us, you wanted to share the evening with us, having a great time singing the songs that you love to sing. Throughout the evening each song was performed with amazing vocal ability and fabulous instrumentals. Accompanying all of this was heartfelt emotion conveyed through every piece.
At intermission I purchased your CD, "Some of My Best Friends are Songs" and have played it nearly everyday since. I am immensely enjoying the time I am able to listen to you music. Each song brings back memories of a very special evening.
Thank you so much for coming to Nova Scotia and sharing yourself and your wonderful talents with us. I do hope that I will have another opportunity to see you perform again. Good luck with the rest of the tour.

29 October 2007 10:49pm
Anna-Lisa and Rob Kinch | |
Thanks you for your inspiring production in Toronto at the Rose Theatre. The emotions you bring people through from lauging to crying to making a difference. Rob's dad used to sing Danny Boy, your rendition was superb sure brought back great memories. We love you, thanks for sharing your gift.
29 October 2007 11:06am
Amy Maua | |
I was at the Winnipeg concert Friday night (Oct 26) and it was more wonderful than I could have even imagined. Thank you so much for one of the best evenings of my life. I'm sorry you were feeling too unwell to come out and meet those of us braving the cold Canadian fall evening to meet you. I would have loved the opportunity to tell you in person how wonderful the show was and how much and long I have admired you. I hope you are feeling better soon. Is there any chance that you will be recording this show for an album? I would be first in line for a copy of it.
28 October 2007 07:16pm
Kathy Smith |
Colm, we saw you in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada last night and it was the best concert I have ever been to. Please come back again, I will personally bring 10 more people instead of the 2 of us.
27 October 2007 04:24pm
Debbie Ringaert |
Colm, had the pleasure of seeing your concert tonight in Winnipeg. Absolutely incredible. Saw you three times in Toronto in Les Mis and your voice is still mesmerizing!!! Congrats on your successes! Will be first in line for tickets next time. THANK YOU!!!
26 October 2007 10:33pm
Sheila Walsh |
I have been waiting for an opportunity to hear Colm sing live, absolutely love his voice. Waited in line up in Toronto in subzero temperatures to see Les Mis and didn't get tickets and now I find out too late that I could have seen him in my home province and I missed it. Wondering if Canadian Premier means there might be a repeat tour??????
25 October 2007 06:58pm
Tracey |
Thank you so very much for bringing your magnificent show to Thunder Bay on October 24th. I saw you in Phantom in Toronto no less than 3 times while I was a student. It was wonderful to have an artist of your caliber perform here in Thunder Bay, albeit to a smaller audience than I imagine you are used to. Ms. Boston and Ms. Gilmour were also wonderful.

I was wondering if you have recorded your version of Danny Boy - for the first time I saw my husband moved to tears by the performance of a song.
25 October 2007 05:24pm
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