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Matt Johnson |
Colm, you are my hero! You have inspired me to audition for Canadian Idol. Loved meeting with you and Diedre after the show in Kelowna. Dad says hi, and we can't wait to see you perform again. God bless - Matt
12 January 2008 12:58pm
debby |
hi colm i enjoyed hearing stage heros you really give your voice your all would like to see you in portland oregon sometime
8 January 2008 03:07pm
Elin |
Hiya Colm, i wanted to say that you inspire me and your voice brings me to tears. Come and do a concert in Manchester UK?! xx
4 January 2008 04:09am
Angela Cheasty |
Dear Colm & Co.
I was wondering if your tour was extended into 2008 or where you will be performing in 2008. I would love to come see you and enjoy your wonderful gift in person.
29 December 2007 09:27pm
Shannon Parker |
Hi Colm,
I just wanted to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas! By the way I sent an envelope and a reply coupon a while back and was hoping I would get one of your autographed photos. I look for it everyday, so if you find my envelope please send one! if not I will resend it. Thanks!!!
25 December 2007 01:21pm
Richard Middlebrook |
I have been a fan for years and just discovered your website on a whim...

I hope to see your tours become a little more International. We would love to see a visit to California
18 December 2007 07:57pm
Robyn Nicholson |
Hello Colm,
I recently moved to a wonderful neighbourhood with a great, independent coffee shop. I noticed that the small rack listing local artists included a copy of your latest cd. What a pleasure to know that you are a neighbour! I hope your tour is going very well and that I'll get a chance to see you perform again soon!
9 December 2007 08:03pm
Josephine Lee |
We felt so lucky to hear your unfogettable concert here in Victoria.
Your voice is an unbelievable instrument - your range leaves one
breathless-you presence on stage is
electric - you are so special! Please come visit us again. We love you.
28 November 2007 03:05pm
Dale Shortliffe |
Last night I attended your wonderful show in Victoria! I confess I had never heard of you until my 91 year old mother insisted we attend your show!! But I was blown away... and I'm sure you can understand how hard it is for me to admit, once more, that my mother was right... yet again!!
I'm basically a Country Music fan... and when you sang a wonderful cover of Tennessee Waltz, you won me over. I love your musical versatility! Come back soon :)
7 November 2007 08:40am
Tam Williams |
I saw you in Kelowna on Oct 6/07 and I loved it! Thank you for putting on such a wonderful performance. It was well worth the 3.5 hour drive south to Prince George and 1 and a half hours flight from there to Kelowna to see you. I'm still thinking it was all a dream after wanting to see you for over half my life (since I was 14 and I am now 31). Thank you, thank you, thank you!
6 November 2007 01:32pm
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