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debby |
hi colm i enjoyed hearing stage heros you really give your voice your all would like to see you in portland oregon sometime
8 January 2008 03:07pm
Elin |
Hiya Colm, i wanted to say that you inspire me and your voice brings me to tears. Come and do a concert in Manchester UK?! xx
4 January 2008 04:09am
Angela Cheasty |
Dear Colm & Co.
I was wondering if your tour was extended into 2008 or where you will be performing in 2008. I would love to come see you and enjoy your wonderful gift in person.
29 December 2007 09:27pm
Shannon Parker |
Hi Colm,
I just wanted to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas! By the way I sent an envelope and a reply coupon a while back and was hoping I would get one of your autographed photos. I look for it everyday, so if you find my envelope please send one! if not I will resend it. Thanks!!!
25 December 2007 01:21pm
Richard Middlebrook |
I have been a fan for years and just discovered your website on a whim...

I hope to see your tours become a little more International. We would love to see a visit to California
18 December 2007 07:57pm
Robyn Nicholson |
Hello Colm,
I recently moved to a wonderful neighbourhood with a great, independent coffee shop. I noticed that the small rack listing local artists included a copy of your latest cd. What a pleasure to know that you are a neighbour! I hope your tour is going very well and that I'll get a chance to see you perform again soon!
9 December 2007 08:03pm
Josephine Lee |
We felt so lucky to hear your unfogettable concert here in Victoria.
Your voice is an unbelievable instrument - your range leaves one
breathless-you presence on stage is
electric - you are so special! Please come visit us again. We love you.
28 November 2007 03:05pm
Dale Shortliffe |
Last night I attended your wonderful show in Victoria! I confess I had never heard of you until my 91 year old mother insisted we attend your show!! But I was blown away... and I'm sure you can understand how hard it is for me to admit, once more, that my mother was right... yet again!!
I'm basically a Country Music fan... and when you sang a wonderful cover of Tennessee Waltz, you won me over. I love your musical versatility! Come back soon :)
7 November 2007 08:40am
Tam Williams |
I saw you in Kelowna on Oct 6/07 and I loved it! Thank you for putting on such a wonderful performance. It was well worth the 3.5 hour drive south to Prince George and 1 and a half hours flight from there to Kelowna to see you. I'm still thinking it was all a dream after wanting to see you for over half my life (since I was 14 and I am now 31). Thank you, thank you, thank you!
6 November 2007 01:32pm
Judy Dalle Ave |
You are far and above many of our great singers. We hope you come back to Edmonton again, soon. Your recent show here was brilliant. I have videos of your performances, but had not heard for some years of you, so it was such a pleasant surprise to know you were to appear here. I think I bought one of the first tickets. Please come back. I'm buying your CD(s) in the meantime. God bless.
5 November 2007 08:40am
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