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Chris |
Saw Phantom in Toronto twice way back when. I still think it was the best rendition I ever saw (will see...). My girlfriend has only seen the movie and she really likes it but I can't even watch it. After seeing ALW on American Idol the other night I just ordered a copy of the Orignial Canadian Cast CD.

Any opinions on which is better between London and New York at present?
25 April 2008 09:59pm
Natalia |
You have the absolute best voice I have heard ever! You are wonderful in Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera!
21 April 2008 02:57pm
Louise Mast |
I love your voice and singing range, hope someday you get to come to Louisana USA.
thank you
18 April 2008 02:31pm
Keri Martin | |
Please come to the US for your tour! Specifically Ky or the Cincinnati area. I fell in love with your voice when I was 16 and I saw you perform in your last week as Val Jean in NY. I have never forgotten the shivers that your singing gave me and I would love the chance to see you in person again!
11 April 2008 11:46pm
Sir you are a joy to listen to! I get shivers a over when I hear you sing! You are one of my greatest inspirations! I wish you would travel more south in your tours! Thank you so much!
9 April 2008 05:26pm
I love your voice. You are so talented as Valjean.
5 April 2008 11:43pm
Thank you for sharing your talent! It has brought alot of joy into my life! Only wished that I could have acted/sang with you on stage-that would have been amazing!
29 March 2008 09:18pm
Sue Lowder |
Sir, I haven't the words to tell you how much that you have lightened my life. You are wonderful. Les Mis is always at hand for me to hear you all of the time. Thank you for your stiring performances and I hope someday to see you in person. When I think of music perfection, it is you that I think of. Joy to you always.
26 March 2008 12:01pm
Shannon Parker |
Words cannot express how thrilled and honored I was to receive your autographed picture in the mail. I love that shot and even had it set as my desktop background for a while. Thank you so much for sending it and I hope to see you again soon; your Windsor show was fabulous. Peace!!!
19 March 2008 07:09pm
Colm Obsessed |
I was on Wikipedia and I saw you did some Jekyll and Hyde Broadway voice recordings. Is that true? Also, I think you are an absolutely WONDERFUL singer. I would love to see you live on Broadway someday. Please, can you come back and do another Les Mis in NY?
28 February 2008 01:40pm
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