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Lisa |
I fall in love with the Phantom of the Opera,when I saw you perform in Toronto in 1990. My mother and I was on a bus tour. I never liked this kind of music at all!!! But the moment you stepped on stage I was hooked and love your voice ever since. When we came back home and told friends about you they said we saw the BEST singer around and they were right. I hope our paths someday meet? would love to see you again in Maine/USA
19 October 2008 09:19am
Ariel |
Hi! This is Ariel. i am an amature actor living in the States but i am a london native. do you ever plan to do Les Miserables again Colm?? I have played young Cosette, cosette, fantine, eponine in the state of colorado. i am 13 years old. Bye!
15 October 2008 02:17pm
Sue Duggan |
I was lucky enough to see Mr. Wilkinson as the Phantom in Toronto. It was my first experience seeing live theatre and well he sparked a life long Phantom obsession for me. His voice is amazing. Sadly I haven't had the chance to meet Mr. Wilkinson (though I would love to) or to see him perform since, but I have the Phantom CD and listen faithfully while travelling or at home. He is also loved by my 6 year old son, who also loves to listen to our Phantom in the truck and at home.
8 October 2008 04:12pm
Liz |
I have been playing and replaying Colm Wilkinson's version of Gethsemane as posted on YouTube - I can't get enough of it :). Amazing voice (which I first discovered so many years ago via my favourite musical, Les Miserables), and I wish he'd had the opportunity to put that performance out there in Jesus Christ, Superstar, back in the day.

I realise Australia's a long way away, but I'll be keeping a hopeful eye on the tour schedule!
1 October 2008 00:55am
Ken |
Mr. Wilkinson, I am sure that I echo the sentiments of so many others here when I say that you have one of the most amazing voices I have ever had the great thrill to listen to.

Please, PLEASE schedule some U.S. dates in 2009. If they should include North Carolina I wouldn't complain in the least.

Thank you for bringing such happiness to all of us who delight in your voice and talent!
29 September 2008 08:53pm
Doug Risher |
We were lucky enough to see Mr. Wilkinson in "Phantom" in July, 1992. The Canadian cast recording quickly became the only "Phantom" CD we listened to. When we learned that he would be doing "Les Miz" in Toronto a few years later, we made plans with friends to be there. Again, we were knocked out by his performance.

For Christmas in 2005, our daughter and son-in-law got us the best present we've ever received; tickets to a concert in Buffalo. We spent the weekend there but the highlight by far was the concert. It was a performance I'll never forget. How can one man be so talented? No description of the show I could give would do it justice.

I hope Mr. Wilkinson includes Pittsburgh as a stop on one of his tours. I'll do what I can to be front row center for such an event.
31 July 2008 11:21pm
Lisa |
"Thank you!" seems a pale and paltry statement when it comes to telling you how greatly your vocal talents are appreciated. I was lucky enough to have seen you live when I was in the 11th grade on a school trip to N.Y with my English class. I was awed and inspired and have since broadend my scope of musical enjoyments to include many different types of music. So thank you for opening my eyes, my ears and my heart to the joys of music in many forms.
17 July 2008 11:17pm
Stacey |
I have been a fan of yours since I was in the 8th grade where I saw you perform as the Phantom in Toronto! I feel SO lucky to have seen you live. I really hope I get to see you again soon, I noticed you have not come to Detroit but hopefully that will change OR somewhere near Detroit!

You really do have the most amazing voice I have ever heard!
9 July 2008 06:47am
kerry |
My husband and I adore your voice as does my eight year old son , you have inspired him to sing and perform on stage . Have you any plans for performances in England ?
7 July 2008 05:35am
Samantha |
Thank you for sharing your vocal gift with the world. Your incredible talent is beyond words and is an inspiration to us all. Thank you once again.
PS please stop by Philadelphia anytime!
2 July 2008 09:53pm
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