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Rachel O Sullivan |
Colm - Thank you so much for the wonderful performance you put on in the opera house in Cork last Sunday Night - It was a pleasure to be in the company of such a wonderful and facinating singer/musician - PLEASE COME AGAIN !!!!!
5 December 2008 06:50am
Michael Collins |
Mr. Colm Wilkinson. Thank You. Thank you for yet anohter great show at the National Concert Hall, Dublin last night. Brilliant singing, funny stories and the band in top form. And the good news, you're coming back next year!!
Best wishes for the rest of your tour.
God bless you, Deirdre and family.
26 November 2008 05:04pm
Maeve & Eamonn | |
Mr Wilkinson,
Congratulations on such a marvellous concert last night in limerick.
You were outstanding.First time for us to hear you in concert. We shall be there again In June to hear your outstanding voice and you seem such a lovely gentle person.
The band were wonderful and it was a pleasure to listen to Aine Whelan.
Kind regards.
24 November 2008 05:12am
Grant McAughtrie |
Mr. Wilkinson, I anxiously await your return to Toronto where I first saw you perform in "Phantom" at the Pantages. I saw you in that role 7 times. Yes! 7! I then saw you in a reprise of "Les Miserables". I was disappointed to see that you would not be able to visit Toronto during your current tour. I sure hope that you have an opportunity to return to Toronto and thrill all those here who love you and your wonderful voice! Peace!
11 November 2008 12:23pm
Elle |
I was first smitten by Colm Wilkinson in 1974 when I saw him play Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar. My heart still beats faster when I think of that performance!! I am no less smitten, 34 years later, whenever I see him perform. I can't WAIT to see him on November 30th!
4 November 2008 05:04am
Mike Geronimo |
Since my wife and I first saw you in 1987 on Broadway we kept wanting more.Thank you for reappearing Saturday at Town Hall! It left of wanting more and hoping 2009 will have you this way again.
20 October 2008 07:42am
Leticia Barraza |
Mr. Wilkinson, I went to see Les Miserables in Broadway 20 years ago and all I remember after that is Jean Valjean had become my favorite singer and has been ever since then. I am from Mexico City, would you make a concert here someday? Pleaseeeeeeeee

19 October 2008 02:04pm
Lisa |
I fall in love with the Phantom of the Opera,when I saw you perform in Toronto in 1990. My mother and I was on a bus tour. I never liked this kind of music at all!!! But the moment you stepped on stage I was hooked and love your voice ever since. When we came back home and told friends about you they said we saw the BEST singer around and they were right. I hope our paths someday meet? would love to see you again in Maine/USA
19 October 2008 09:19am
Ariel |
Hi! This is Ariel. i am an amature actor living in the States but i am a london native. do you ever plan to do Les Miserables again Colm?? I have played young Cosette, cosette, fantine, eponine in the state of colorado. i am 13 years old. Bye!
15 October 2008 02:17pm
Sue Duggan |
I was lucky enough to see Mr. Wilkinson as the Phantom in Toronto. It was my first experience seeing live theatre and well he sparked a life long Phantom obsession for me. His voice is amazing. Sadly I haven't had the chance to meet Mr. Wilkinson (though I would love to) or to see him perform since, but I have the Phantom CD and listen faithfully while travelling or at home. He is also loved by my 6 year old son, who also loves to listen to our Phantom in the truck and at home.
8 October 2008 04:12pm
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