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Joseph Michael | |
Colm's influence spreads far indeed...hes a huge inspiration.

Lead Singer/Composer
Midnight Reign
19 April 2009 06:41pm
Cari Czajkoski |
Time to come to Oklahoma City! We would love to have you here. NYC isn't close enough! And really, the tornadoes aren't that bad.
19 April 2009 06:48am
Susan Wozniak |
I would love to hear you sing "Natives," a song written by Paul Doran and sung by your countryman Christy Moore.
17 April 2009 11:27am
Katie |
I would love to see your schedule a bit further out. I'm hoping you'll come to Ottawa but if now, I'll need to make travel arrangements to attend a show.
16 April 2009 12:45pm
Colm, please come back to Toronto Canada for a performance!! WE ABSOLUTELY ADORE YOU!!
15 April 2009 02:17pm
Kathleen |
Colm, looking forward to seeing you in Wexford in June. Saw you in the Ivy Gardens two years ago on a wet night and the rain disappeared when you came on stage. Can't wait to see you again
14 April 2009 06:24am
Lauren |
hi there,
I just want to say you have one of the greatest singing voice I have ever heard. I wasn't born when you took up the role of Val Jean. However the first time I heard Les Mis the original London cast at the age of 5 I was captivated and hooked. I have seen the musical 5 times now and this week will be seeing it a 6th time. I have never had the pleasure of seeing you in the lead role and this would be by far one of the greatest moments I could have out of the 8 val jeans I have heard (including recordings) there is no one who comes close to having such a powerful full rage moving voice as you. I hope you will grave the boards again in this role and I will have the pleasure of seeing you perform it live.
11 April 2009 06:33pm
Leah DosSantos |
I was no fan of musicals, but liked the music to Jesus Christ Superstar -but after seeing your 10th reunion performance of Les Miserables-- and esp. Gethsamane- I became addicted to your awesome voice!! You are amazing!! I just had to tell you how moved I am by the power of your voice!
3 April 2009 07:00pm
Anna McC |
Dear Colm Wilkinson. Since seeing a video recording of 'Les Miserables' about 10 years ago at my cousins, your performance, both acting and singing wise, was phenonemal. When I stumbled onto 'Les Miserables' again on the computer tonight I remembered your performance and sought to try and experience it again! I will be trying to see you on stage (the way one should truely experience a great performance) when I head overseas at the end of the year. Best regards :-)
29 March 2009 06:08am
Diane Kimball |
Mr. Wilkinson, I had the distinct honor and pleasure of seeing you perform your role as Jean Valjean in Toronto, Canada, many years ago. I've seen various productions of "Les Miserables"..six in fact. I enjoyed them all, but your performance is the one that is the most moving and memorable for me.
12 February 2009 05:45pm
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