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Adam Carreras |
Dear Mr. Wilkinson,

You are a f-ing legend!

Heroes get remembered, but legends never die!

I'm watching 10th anniversary special right now, there is no other, you are Jean Valjean, a f-ing legend! CONGRATS
11 April 2017 10:30pm
C.Rozon | |
Dear Mr. Wilkinson
You are my favorite ''voice' in this world. I can listen to you over and over; and in stressful times, make me forget of everything around. Thanks so much for this gift you share with us, and I hope one day, to see you in concert.
28 March 2017 08:06pm
Mike Maughan
Dear Mr. Wilkinson,

In 1985 when I was 8 years old I had the opportunity with my family to see you perform as Jean Valjean at the Royal Albert Hall in London. We had no idea how much the performance, especially yours, would affect us.

The song "Bring Him Home" has been a family favorite. How you perform it reverberates a genuine and sincere belief that we can pray for others and live with God and our loved ones someday. And it touched our hearts.

Thank you for your wonderful gift - and I look forward to your new tour dates (please, please come to the USA).
18 March 2017 11:40pm
Adrienne A |
When I was 15, my parents went to Toronto to see you perform in Phantom. They brought the soundtrack back for me and my sister and we listened to it nonstop and memorized all the words. To this day I can recite starting with "Lot 666 then, a chandelier in pieces...".

I had to see you in person. When I was 16, my parents gave me a wonderful gift - a trip to Toronto to see Phantom. We lucked out and ended up with front row tickets thanks to the hotel package we booked. I don't think any theater experience in my life will be as special as that night. There is no other Phantom in my mind. You communicated the complexity and depth of the character with your voice, just as you did with Jean Valjean, and no one else will ever quite compare.

And it was so exciting to see you in the Les Miserables movie, outshining the rest of the cast just a bit.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful voice with the world.
25 February 2017 05:38pm
xuan |
One hour ago, I am at the cork opera house, and known the cancelled information.
I come from shanghai china, just for this concert.
I am very sad for this information, but I want Mr.Wilkinson know that I wish he can make a full recovery and return to the stage.
Whatever Dublin or Cork or Toronto, I will come for him.
My English is very bad, i want I already express my thought
15 February 2017 12:21pm
Fionnuala Gallagher |
Am just home from Colm's performance in The National Concert Hall, Dublin. It
surpassed expectations.
Renditions from favourite musicals to songs by Leonard Cohen, Johnny Cash, U2, The Beatles, John Lennon and lots lots more, including his own music make this a fabulous performance. He is very much at home with his audience, and it's great to see him here in Ireland. (missed him 25 odd years ago in Toronto because he was back in Ireland for a week's holiday, have been catching up with him ever since!)
7 February 2017 04:59pm
Catherine O brien |
What a superb show tonight in Cork Opera House - it's better you getting - great night (albeit the band a bit too loud )but a tremendous performance - again - respect '!
31 January 2017 03:32pm
james allen |
Dear Colm
Thankyou. for all you have given to all of us, since the Nineties I have kept your Les Mis performance in my heart. I recently re watched the 10 anniversary concert was reduced to tears again. Thankyou for bringing so much humanity to a wonderful role.
23 January 2017 03:18pm
Tom Roberts |
Saw the show in Toronto on December 19. Have seen Phantom 6 times and you were by far my favorite. I always related you to the Phantom as a larger than life character... but last nights performance showed you in another brilliant light. Long story short, our kids gave my wife and I the tickets as an early Christmas gift ant it was a night to remember
Thank you .. Mr Wilkinson!!!
20 December 2016 12:44pm
sherry |
Dear Mr. Colm Wilkinson
When I was 10 my mother took me to Pantages theatre in Toronto to hear you. I fell in love with the depth and soul of your voice. Tonight, this many years later, I heard you again, but this time I took my mother. The song of your mother touched me as I was raised by my grandmother and mother whose voice I carry with me. My family is from Cork Ireland.. Your next stop. Maybe one day I will get to Ireland. In the mean time may you receive kindness, jolly greetings and joy wherever you go.
19 December 2016 08:30pm
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