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Melaney Douglass |
Just heard Bring Him Home on Memorial Day Concert...simply beautiful and so moving. Brian Stokes Mitchell, "Coalhouse" and "Jean Valjean. Colm the greatest singers of all time!!!
24 May 2009 06:39pm
E Dolphin |
I write to say I have been watching eurovision and am still to watch this show and feel the same emotion as I did when watching Colm singing Born to Sing. I was only 11 and still love it to this day. Thank you
16 May 2009 03:59pm
Norma Davis |
Any chance a video might be made available of the Broadway Bound tour? I have just managed to find a used VHS of the PBS concert done in 1997, and I have the Les Miz 10th Anniversary video, but would love to have a recent video. Clips on Youtube just don't quite do it for me. You are my favorite Phantom. I saw Les Miz on Broadway in June 1987 and loved you as Jean Valjean. I loved you then and I love you now!
16 May 2009 03:24pm
Josie & Bill Anderson |
Had the pleasure of seeing your concert in Buffalo. You are truly amazing. !!!!
16 May 2009 06:25am
Laurie Heidinger |
Colm, your song for peace (Imagine) was wonderful, very inspiring. Thank you for the entertainment, it was a pleasure.
15 May 2009 09:22pm
victoria P |
What a talented muscian!! why doesnt he have additional Cd's? His concerts are great and I would love to have more of his music on CD
15 May 2009 09:19pm
Annick |
I think you are fantastic! you sing so beautiful. I am a big fan! GREAT!
10 May 2009 11:50am
Benjamin Gerelium
You give me goosebumps the instant I heard your voice. Can I say anything else apart from please come back to London soon(ish).
3 May 2009 03:04am
Rob Klein |
The greatest ever Jean Valjean. I saw Colm in Les Mis many years ago....seen it 4 times live when at the Palace Theatre....BGT might bring it to the fore but for those who have seen the show they all know....................
22 April 2009 02:49pm
Joseph Michael | |
Colm's influence spreads far indeed...hes a huge inspiration.

Lead Singer/Composer
Midnight Reign
19 April 2009 06:41pm
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