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Josie & Bill Anderson |
Had the pleasure of seeing your concert in Buffalo. You are truly amazing. !!!!
16 May 2009 06:25am
Laurie Heidinger |
Colm, your song for peace (Imagine) was wonderful, very inspiring. Thank you for the entertainment, it was a pleasure.
15 May 2009 09:22pm
victoria P |
What a talented muscian!! why doesnt he have additional Cd's? His concerts are great and I would love to have more of his music on CD
15 May 2009 09:19pm
Annick |
I think you are fantastic! you sing so beautiful. I am a big fan! GREAT!
10 May 2009 11:50am
Benjamin Gerelium
You give me goosebumps the instant I heard your voice. Can I say anything else apart from please come back to London soon(ish).
3 May 2009 03:04am
Rob Klein |
The greatest ever Jean Valjean. I saw Colm in Les Mis many years ago....seen it 4 times live when at the Palace Theatre....BGT might bring it to the fore but for those who have seen the show they all know....................
22 April 2009 02:49pm
Joseph Michael | |
Colm's influence spreads far indeed...hes a huge inspiration.

Lead Singer/Composer
Midnight Reign
19 April 2009 06:41pm
Cari Czajkoski |
Time to come to Oklahoma City! We would love to have you here. NYC isn't close enough! And really, the tornadoes aren't that bad.
19 April 2009 06:48am
Susan Wozniak |
I would love to hear you sing "Natives," a song written by Paul Doran and sung by your countryman Christy Moore.
17 April 2009 11:27am
Katie |
I would love to see your schedule a bit further out. I'm hoping you'll come to Ottawa but if now, I'll need to make travel arrangements to attend a show.
16 April 2009 12:45pm
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