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Norma Davis |
Not to hog the internet but I meant to say something about Colm's performance at the Memorial Day concert. I just listened to it - had it taped - and I teared up watching the injured young marine and his mom and sister holding his hands with their heads on his shoulder. That coupled with Colm singing just about did me in. Bring Him Home has always been one of my favorites. What a perfect song to be sung at a perfect time in a perfect venue by a perfectly gifted singer. Bless your heart, Colm. You did good, guy. I'm so glad I got the tape. Enuff from me. Have a wonderful tour back home and perhaps I'll get to see you when you come to the states in the fall. I am in a great PBS area - Hampton Roads, Virginia. Hope to see you soon!
27 May 2009 10:22am
Norma Davis |
Years ago, John Gary did an album entitled Ireland's Greatest Hits and I loved that album. Not to sound too old fashioned but I would love for Colm to put out a CD of Irish ballads. Oh, wouldn't I love it! "I'll take you home again, Kathleen" and "How are things in Glocca Morra?" and, of course include "Danny Boy."
27 May 2009 02:42am
Sandy Bergman | |
I was enjoying the Memorial Day Concert 2009 but waiting and waiting for you to sing. It sure was worth the wait. You are always mesmorising!
26 May 2009 09:46am
Lee Cordner |
Colm I had never heard you sing prior to your 2009 Memorial Day Concert song "Bring Him Home". Well they brought him home in a casket and listening to your perfect voice and song helped me release some emotion.God Bless you and your talent.
26 May 2009 08:21am
Barry Weiss |
Your moving performance of"Bring Him Home" on the Memorial Day concert at the Mall 5/24/09 should be a "must" on any citizens Memorial Day celebration.
25 May 2009 05:31pm
Barry Burns |
Hi, Colm.

I watched your memorial day performance this evening. It was, as expected, truly inspired. And, as expected, it brought back many fond memories. Thanks.
24 May 2009 07:09pm
Becky Sebastian |
I just finished the Memorial concert on TV and as usual cried as you performed 'Bring Him Home.' It was the first time my husband had the privilege of hearing you perform, especially this song. I am so grateful you share your unbelievable talent with us. Of course you are Irish, with this talent you had to be!!! I hope one day to see you perform live. May you have a safe tour through Ireland and I wish you the Irish Blessing.
24 May 2009 07:06pm
Melaney Douglass |
Just heard Bring Him Home on Memorial Day Concert...simply beautiful and so moving. Brian Stokes Mitchell, "Coalhouse" and "Jean Valjean. Colm the greatest singers of all time!!!
24 May 2009 06:39pm
E Dolphin |
I write to say I have been watching eurovision and am still to watch this show and feel the same emotion as I did when watching Colm singing Born to Sing. I was only 11 and still love it to this day. Thank you
16 May 2009 03:59pm
Norma Davis |
Any chance a video might be made available of the Broadway Bound tour? I have just managed to find a used VHS of the PBS concert done in 1997, and I have the Les Miz 10th Anniversary video, but would love to have a recent video. Clips on Youtube just don't quite do it for me. You are my favorite Phantom. I saw Les Miz on Broadway in June 1987 and loved you as Jean Valjean. I loved you then and I love you now!
16 May 2009 03:24pm
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