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Janet Roscoe |
Colm - we are waiting for your return to the Rose Theatre in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. I saw you there a few years ago and eagerly await your return. You are a phenomenal singer.
11 June 2009 05:28am
carole moody |
Hi Mr. Wilkinson, my daughters and I are great fans of yours and are wondering will you tour Canada again. The website says that you were in St. John's in October 2007, we cannot believe that we missed that.
8 June 2009 00:16am
Jessica |
Hey Colm! First of all, I would like to say what a phenomenal singer you are. Your voice is truly amazing! I had the privilege of being part of the Upper Canada Chorus when you performed with us back in June 2005, and it wasn't until my mom told me that you had played the phantom in Toronto that I realized who you were. I have seen you twice in phantom, both times when I was extremely young, but I still remember bits and pieces from it, and of course, I still have the cast recording, =D. Of course, I was ecstatic to hear that you would be coming back in September to perform with us once again, and this time, I'm hoping to get your autograph as well as a few photos. Thank you so much for being an inspiration for so many young performers everywhere, and I look forward to meeting you again!
7 June 2009 09:24pm
Le5zek |
Dear Mr. Wilkinson. You are first male singer, who made me cry. It happened when I was hearing "Bring Him Home" from "Les Miserables" 10th Anniversary. What a pity, I could never hear you live ... maybe some day ?
6 June 2009 06:15am
cork loves colm |
Colm, I had the pleasure of meeting you back stage at the opera house in cork last year.Dream come true! You are such an inspiration and im so proud that your Irish! As I always say, If god had a voice it would be Colm Wilkinsons. Thank you for sharing that voice with us. Please include house of the rising sun in all your performances-Goosebumps!
5 June 2009 03:20pm
Cody F |
Dear Colm, Your version of bring him home hits my heart and occasionally reduces me to tears and im a 17 year old guy!!! thanks for all the inspiration you have provided for Us theatre guys
Big Fan,
Cody Andrew Ford
1 June 2009 06:14pm
Nicole |
Dear Mr. Wilkinson, as far as I'm concerned, you're the ONLY Jean Valjean :-D Thank you for sharing with us your beautiful voice!

I stumbled upon this video and thought of you in Les Miz. I wonder if you've seen this already?

God bless!
31 May 2009 10:10pm
Jesus Lopez |
Ever since I got into theater I never thought I would go far, but ever since I've seen you do amazing in everything you have been in I felt like I can push my self to do my best. and one day get a leading role in my schools musical it being my last year. You have been my Inspiration my Idol my Hero. and because of you i always do my best and one day i hope i can be as amazing as you are!
much love Jesus "Grif" Lopez
30 May 2009 02:49pm
Rochester Fans
Buffalo has come and gone and we just want to thank you again for the pleasure you bestow on your audience. Colm, you really are absolutely amazing. Now we'll wait and watch, hoping you'll get close enough for us to catch you in concert again. In the mean time, have a safe trip to Ireland and knock their socks off! Don't forget to bring back a few more Irish jokes. Hope to see you soon.
29 May 2009 08:07pm
Brock Williams |
I recently heard a voice recital at my dautghter's school where one of the girls
performed "On my Own". It took me back 23 years to the London stage and Les Miserables. Never before or since have I heard or seen a performance to top your portrayal of Jean Valjean. Thank you so much, Colm for that and the many others through the years.
29 May 2009 08:44am
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