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lizzie h
you r in both my favourite musicals and you r the reason they r my favourite musicals
22 August 2009 05:35am
Christina |
Colm, your renditions of Les Miserables have such a deep meaning behind them they seem. Whenever I'm upset I start to play the Les Mis soundtrack from the concert and it helps calm me down. I am very grateful for the music. You have a great talent! Thank you so much!
17 August 2009 10:16pm
Dione |
I am officially your biggest fan! My husband has always been a big fan of Les Mis. He brought home the dvd the other night. I fell in love with your voice when you performed the prayer for Marius!!! You are truly an amazing vocalist. You have blessed my life with your gift of song. I hope to one day see you perform in the usa.
16 August 2009 09:41am
Liz Dyson |
Hi Colm, What a priveledge it is to speak to you this way. I first saw you on the DVD of Les Mis in concert. Your portrayal of Valjean is outstanding. I Was Able to relate so well to him. As A consequence I became a christian and Became a Senior Soldier with the Salvation Army. I am Now Looking forward to the prospect of becoming a Salvation army Officer (Vicar) Thank so much to you and the rest of the cast for saving my Life. Love you Loads. would love to meet you to say thanks in person. take care.
7 August 2009 09:23am
Rebecca |
Hiya. Saw you at the 10th anniversary of Les Mis. Can watch you performances over and over and still get goosebumps. Just keeping my fingers crossed you will appear in england again so i can see you live. Not able to make it to ireland this time. Be looking out for next uk tour though.
3 August 2009 06:15am
peter edwards |
Hi Colm,seen you in July at the new Wexford Opera house and if it stands for a hundred years people wont be treated to better night of superb music well done and here's hoping you will return again some day .Best regards
31 July 2009 04:47pm
Gerard Phelan |
Hi Colm,
Remember going to Horans Lounge in Mountmellick (Co laois)about 30 odd years ago. Told all my friends after that this guy was bound for bigger things, glad to say I was right, and you proved it to me when i went to see you in Tullamore on 29th July. You are a "Different Class". Keep up the good work. Would have loved to have heard I WAS COOL though, just to bring back the memories of Horans
God Bless

28 July 2009 12:46pm
carol noonan |
Hi Colm - my friend Liz and myself got to hear you in Tullamore on Sun 29th July - Great Show! Loved the interaction with the audience and your response to requests even though they were not part of your repertoire on the night - well done! Liz enjoyed a double whammy i.e. listening to you and sitting next to Michael Samuels!! I guess she should have paid twice!! Hope to see you again maybe you'll come to Tipperary next time.
20 July 2009 02:49pm
violet |
hi colm ,got to see you recently at the wexford opera house.....wonderful performances by all on stage but i have to say, you, have an amazing gift from God with your voice ...I was moved to tears by some of your songs.Thankyou and I hope to see a show of yours great jokes i laughed so hard i cried there too ...great night..
16 July 2009 11:38am
Norma Davis |
Colm, just bought your CD, Some of My Best Friends Are Songs. I put off getting it as most of the songs were unfamiliar to me but I finally succumbed and I couldn't be happier. After listening to the CD a couple of times I found that I really liked the pieces you picked as some of your best friends. Everyone who is reading this, if you haven't gotten this CD, get it! It's a totally different Colm than you are used to but really only a different side of the same wonderful singer! Enjoy!
15 July 2009 02:18pm
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