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mirabelle |
Love your voice,and i can remember crying when you sang Epilogue when J is alone waiting to die.of course Jean valjean is my favorite.By the way,when will you be in CHINA-SHANGHAI?PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come to shanghai to do the concert soon.can't wait to see you.
22 September 2009 09:26am
elaine harrison |
whole family went to ireland to see you in june there were 3 generations of us and you delighted us all brilliant show and well worth travelling to see you
17 September 2009 03:04pm
sandysm |
Colm, It is a privilege to write to you and to hear your superb voice. Jean Valjean is my favorite, The Phantom my 2nd. You have been blessed with a beautiful voice, my daughters and I listen to you(and sing along)over and over again. Thank you for sharing it with us and the world. Sandy
14 September 2009 08:34am

I was just watching the 10th anniversary Les Miz concert and thought to myself, "I wish I could've been there" then I realized, I needed 4 more months to do so, 'cause I wasn't alive yet! Wow, that was a random story... anyways, your voice is amazing, I can't really describe it in words actually, keep up the wonderful work in theatre, singing, television, and beyond!

Best wishes,


29 August 2009 05:54pm
Vince Horenkamp |
Your unique voice is unbelievable. I first heard it on the VHS for the 10th Anniversary Celebration of Les Mis. I've subsequently bought the DVD to preserve your voice. I've also purchased several other recordings on which your voice sings to the stars and brings me outstanding pleasure. So far it's the best antidepressant I have ever taken. When will you be in Indianapolis?
28 August 2009 12:52pm
Ella |

I wasn't even alive when you originated the role of Jean Valjean in Les Miserables, but I am such a huge fan of yours. I first heard a recording of Les Miserables at the age of nine, and I absolutely loved it. It was different to everything else I listened to, and begged my mum to take me to the show. I have now seen the show four times, though never with you.

None of my friends could understand why I liked Les Miserables,saying that it was depressing and boring. However, they completely changed their minds when I played them the music. Two of my friends in particular, who were taking drama and music at school, loved the music,and immediately asked to borrow the CD.

I only discovered you when I was given the 10th Anniversary Concert dvd and CD. You and the rest of the cast were fantastic, and I can remember crying when you sang Bring Him Home,and in the Epilogue when Jean Valjean is alone waiting to die.

Les Miserables is my absolute favourite show, and I think you are the best Jean Valjean ever. Thank you.
24 August 2009 07:08am
graceande |
Thank you for giving me hope. Your voice in Les Miserables literally brings me to tears and it helps me realize we each have something to give this world. I admire you for finding a way to bring the world your light and I hope one day I find my own way to lighten other people's burdens.
23 August 2009 09:58pm
lizzie h
you r in both my favourite musicals and you r the reason they r my favourite musicals
22 August 2009 05:35am
Christina |
Colm, your renditions of Les Miserables have such a deep meaning behind them they seem. Whenever I'm upset I start to play the Les Mis soundtrack from the concert and it helps calm me down. I am very grateful for the music. You have a great talent! Thank you so much!
17 August 2009 10:16pm
Dione |
I am officially your biggest fan! My husband has always been a big fan of Les Mis. He brought home the dvd the other night. I fell in love with your voice when you performed the prayer for Marius!!! You are truly an amazing vocalist. You have blessed my life with your gift of song. I hope to one day see you perform in the usa.
16 August 2009 09:41am
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