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Johnny Anderson | |
We missed your Phantom performance as there was a stand in both times we went. We both lost a good friend in Geordie Mullan. I am planning to go to Chatham so hope to hear your there.
19 September 2010 08:42pm
Sam McCallum |
Mr Wilkinson you are one of those rare performers. I first heard you on the Original London Cast recording of les miz. I have never heard someone able to put more emotion into their voice while singing. I believe you to be an extraordinary performer and hope to one day see you live so I do hope you'll top by in England sometime soon. Thanks for being so inspirational
2 September 2010 05:11pm
Tasia Brooks |
Dear Mr. Wilkinson,

I've been a fan of yours since my high school did their production of Les Miserables all the way from Hoffman Estates, Illinois. Now that I'm going to school for music in Nashville, Tennessee I think it would be such a treat to see you out this way. I look forward to going to Ireland someday soon. Thank you for the wonderful singing.
1 September 2010 04:20pm
Susannah Haury
The first time I heard you sing "bring him home," (which was probably about a year ago) I cried. I still cry sometimes when I hear them :) You are every adjective that means FANTASTIC, in every language in the world. You are my favorite actor/singer, and I really hope I get to see you perform in person someday! Until then, keep being absolutely wonderful!!
26 August 2010 06:15pm
Brian Bunny |
Dear Mr. Wilkinson it has been a Blessing to listen to you over the years. You have truly used your artistic gifts to encourage so many around the world. Your strong relationship with God has been expressed in your work. At the University of Buffalo the Lord Jesus has been gathering together an extraordinary group of young Christians who are building a strong community to serve our Lord for generations to come. I wonder if you might consider singing a version of the song entitled, "I Believe" which is so beautifully performed by Mahalia Jackson on YouTube video from many years ago to inspire these young people. Please keep these young people in your prayers as you prepare for this concert and thank you very much for blessing our community with this special performance. God Bless You, Brian John 12:31 "Now is the judgement of this world : now shall the prince of this world be cast out."

P.S. Thank You For Bringing The Joy Of The Lord to All Of Us .
21 August 2010 12:47pm
Lesley Brown | |
Dear Colm
I wondered if you have any plans to tour England at any time,you would make a lot of fans very happy if you did.I have never had the privilage to see you live in concert but I love to watch and listen to your DVDs.I live in Leeds England and a long while ago I used to work at Park Lane college where I met your cousin Phillomena,she was a lovely lady and she would tell me about the times you shared together and when you used to sing for her.i was thrilled when she lent me a tape of you and your brother Conner relaxing and singing together.
Wishing you and your family all the very best.
18 August 2010 03:45pm
Jay Chagnon
I will try via this email and also

I failed to mention that I am co host on a Daily talk show in Waterloo Region called "Daytime"
If you are nd ...well...Im out of words really.
Thanks a lot Mr. are the greatest artist Ive ever seen!!
God bless you!!!

Graciela Brescia
13 August 2010 06:10pm
Sarah Dowse |
Goose bumps !! everytime i hear your voice , a true gift you have. It is an honour and a priviledge to hear your voice. I do hope you will be coming to the uk soon.
19 October 2009 02:12am
Jay Chagnon |

For those of us that love to sing......why don't you like us?! :)

I don't know how many times over the years I have blown out the various parts of my "inging apparatous" trying to match you note for note.

I think knowing what I know now....I would have advised people to take stock options out on Fishermans friends..cuz they would be throat Lozenge Barons by now!!

Here's to many continued years of success for you!

18 October 2009 02:01pm
Louise Beauchemin |
The first time I heard Colm Wilkinson is on PBS Vermont when he was in Concert with Patti Lupone and with his son as guests. I love listening to him singing Bring Him Home and House of the Rising Sun. He is just fantastic.
14 October 2009 01:13pm
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