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Olivia McNamara |
Hi Colm, We both have admired your talent for a number of years. I would love if you would dedicate any song from Les Mis to Keith and Olivia from Mountmellick when you are playing in Tullamore on the 7th of November. Keep up the great work!!!!!!!
1 November 2010 04:11am
Agatha |
Colm, any chance we will see a dvd of your Broadway and Beyond tour any time soon? It would be a great joy for all your fans to be able to watch it on their home screens :)
29 October 2010 04:45am
Jason |
Colm, You were bril on da late late last night really enjoyed. Looking forward to your visit to uch, limerick. cant wait.
Thank you.. CLASS
23 October 2010 09:23am
Ron Goodman |
You are simply one in a million ! Thank you for all you bring to the stage. Your voice is pure magic !
23 October 2010 05:37am
brendan brophy |
It is a long time since we met but I am very proud of you. God bless you and Deirdre and family.
22 October 2010 04:05am
Mardi |
I only want to say that your voice and your interpetation of the songs you sing, they touch my soul. Thank you for that!
9 October 2010 02:16pm
Agatha |
I could not believe my eyes when saw Colm coming out the stage of the London o2 arena last weekend. The show was amazing however nothing compared to the emotions at the end. Colm your voice makes one forget that the rest of the world exist. I enjoyed every second of it. so glad that u'll be coming back on tour soon and already booked tickets at the Grand Canal Theatre in your hometown Dublin. can't wait to hear house of the rising sun and imagine- they sound far better than originals AMAZING!
6 October 2010 01:20pm
Paula |
How fantastic to hear you again at the Les Mis 25th Anniversary concert. All too brief! Any chance of another London appearance?!
5 October 2010 03:39pm
Fan Forever
Your concert in Buffalo Monday night was as expected.....EXTRAORDINAIRE!!! WONDERFUL!! Colm, you NEVER disappoint. PLEASE plan more concerts in the Buffalo-Toronto area soon!
30 September 2010 10:42am
halfmoon mollie
Your performance on Monday night in Buffalo was, as always, every bit letter perfect. Thank you, it's always a pleasure to sit at your feet.
29 September 2010 07:16am
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