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Agatha |
Still thrilled after your Sunday concert in the Grand Canal Theatre! It was so worth the journey from London! Love to see u again in February, however hope for a London concert soon.
Thank you for the joy you bring to our hearts,
Standing ovation Colm, noting else!
23 November 2010 03:11am
Kelsi Young
Hey Colm,I am your cousin Bobby Young's grandaughter. We were in the third row in Castlebar on the 13th of November! You have an absolutely brilliant voice... Grandad (Bobby) said he would love to see you some time soon :) I am definately going to try and get to another one of your concerts. Thanks for a brilliant night Colm.
Lots of Love,
Kelsi Young x
21 November 2010 09:49am
Steve Farrell |
None better. Thank you for sharing your talents. God has blessed you greatly so that you can bless all of us. I cry everytime I listen to "Bring Him Home." A powerful story, told in the most powerful way. I would love to see you perform in person someday and to meet you. Perhaps I can make it over to Ireland and do a bit of family research. All the best to you and your family.
19 November 2010 10:36am
Michelle |
I was at the Killarney INEC tonight & you & your band were fantastic! Every song drew a different emotion - totally outstanding!! My expectations were totally surpassed!!! Please come back to Killarney again soon because this time I will make sure I get the front row seats! Thank you for an unforgettable evening of wonderful music xx
18 November 2010 07:56pm
Paul |
Pleasantly surprised to see you in the 25th anniversary concert.

You are the best Valjean.

18 November 2010 07:43pm
Anne McCarthy |
Colm had a great night in the Cork Opera house yet again. You seemed to enjoy yourself as much as the crowd. The girls and band were fantastic. Dont leave it so long for the next one. Thanks for a really lovely night.
16 November 2010 08:18am
Kristine Bean |
Saw you at the 25th Anniversary Les Mis show in the 02, simply blew me away. Please please please come and do some shows in the UK xxx
16 November 2010 04:53am
Mary Harte |
I took my mother to see you last night in Castlebar. You took my breath away and I felt every word you sang. When I was a child my mother used to wake me up and carry me down stairs to see and hear you sing anytime you appeared on the late late. Last night we held hands during your show the hairs stood on the back of our necks... We got lost in the fog on the way home but it was not a problem because we were singing to your CD the whole way. Thanks to you and your magic, and thats what it is,, powerful magic!! I have these lovely memories. You have the most god given beautiful voice I've ever experienced long may you shine, you will forever in my heart..I'm not usually this sentimental but you touched me even if I was in the 8th row. Thank You. Mary
14 November 2010 06:38am
Carmel |
Colm, I'm just back home in Fermanagh after your SUPERB concert in Castlebar. I really enjoyed all of it! Bring Him Home is beyond all words! I loved the rock-n-roll and every song really! It's the first time I've seen you in concert and now I see and hear for myself all Fr Brian has always told us about how amazing you are!! Thanks a million for a fantastic night. Looking forward to seeing you again soon!!
13 November 2010 06:09pm
Lily |
Iíve been always thinking that you play two roles:Jean Valjean & Phantom.
To tell the truth, I prefer Phantom more although Iíve just seen a piece of it.
Itís such regret that I canít see the whole show because I donít live in Canada!
But I found another CD---「Jekyll & Hyde」which recorded in 1990.
Wow~~~I was just 15 years old then.
I see a picture, you and Linda, looks sweet, in the album back.
The whole album is marvelous. I like it very much, especially theĒTransformationĒsang by you.
Not only the melody but also your dramatic voice make it impressive and sympathetic!
Maybe youíve heard floods of admiration from all the world.
But I still want to say:Colm, you are absolutely a heaven-sent gift to people!
Thank you for the pure joy and bliss you brings to all.
10 November 2010 01:19pm
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