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Elke Mazlin

I’m a massive fan of Mr Wilkinson! After seeing Les MiserableS in Sydney in 1989 with the great Philip Quast, my parents bought me “The Original London Recording” CD. I have listened to it for the last 25+ years – it is a prized possession of mine. Through it, I developed a huge appreciation for Colm Wilkinson. Seeing him live sits at the top of my bucket list right next to visiting Machu Pichu.

I just want to know if he is ever planning a trip to Australia? We have a pretty amazing Opera House perfect for such a show of his…… just saying!

Elke Mazlin

PS. Thank for all the times your voice made me cry or gave me goose bumps! (that is an Australian term for shivers)
6 October 2017 10:42am
Suzanne Curtin |
Dear Sir, Your voice,your music touches my heart. I had the pleasure of seeing you in Canada for phanton and lemis. I would gladly go anywhere to see and hear you perform again. May God Bless you and your family.
6 October 2017 09:27am
Susan Barrella |
I saw Les Miserables twice. Once while you were acting. That was back in the 1980s/1990s. I have two girls (16 & 14), with excellent voices, who I introduced to Les Miserables via youtube, with you in it. They were enamored. Thank you.
2 October 2017 07:41pm
Llewellyn Lamaca |
I bought the 25th anniversary Les Miserables at the Royal Alex from one of those PBS fundraising.

My dream came true when I saw you play Jean Valjean in Toronto at the Princess of Wales. I was in the front row savouring every moment. (You had a slight trip during the Round and Round number running what appears to be a big turntable; the pleasure of live theatre.)

I just saw the 25th anniversary of Phantom. (I know you are humble; but I think you got the most cheer during the finale encore for all the famous Phantoms. And why not? Your voice is the crispiest and most pronounced of all. It was so confident. It was so masterful even if brief and short. You have not lost it.) Checked your website for shows. Sad to see I missed your concerts in Canada.

I hope all is well. Glad to have heard you sing live. Looking forward when you come back to Canada.
12 September 2017 10:26am
Leah Knight-Schumacher
I am late seeing the 2012 LES MIS movie. Your Bishop was beautiful.

Thank you!
8 September 2017 05:06am
Igor | |
Dear Mr. Wilkinson!
I’m a 26 old singer from Saint-Petersburg Russia.
First I heard you I was impressed deep to each piece of my soul. Compare it with a small flower that suddenly erupted into big bush by the sunlight. Sorry for the excessive pathos.
From that moment a new step in my art being began.
Great thanksgiving for you are in the world and in my life.
If you have an opportunity and desire, please take a look for my Jean Valjean try.
I can send a concert audio to your email, if it is possible, or anywhere else you say.
My email
With great respect, Igor Krol, StPet Russia
7 September 2017 00:34am
Jeremy Sunderland
Dear Mr. Wilkinson:

I've been such a huge fan for so many years (since I first heard you as Valjean in 1986)... And my admiration has only grown over time - and what a pleasure to introduce your voice to my children as they are growing up. (And I loved seeing you as the Bishop in the LM film!)

Might you be willing to sign my London show card of Les Miserables and my Phantom program from Toronto? Of course, I would arrange for all postage, etc.

Whatever you decide, I'm so pleased to have this opportunity to thank you for all the enjoyment you've brought to my life over the decades.

All best,

Jeremy Sunderland
27 July 2017 09:46pm
Dena Bonner
Dear Sir:

I write this message to you not just as a fan but, rather as a very grateful mum.

You see I have an 11yr old, special needs child. If you were ever to meet him you would not know he has any problems at all. He's considered high-functioning yet has what's called a 'neuro processing disorder'. I believe it is more formally called, a “Sensory Processing Disorder” by medical experts. This basically means that his understanding of things does not equate to basic logic. His brain doesn't always process things the same way as others and he's sometimes prone to 'sensory overload' if, there's too many things going on in his immediate environment.

So imagine if you will for a moment my surprise when one day I caught sight of my son stopped dead in his tracks. He stood perfectly still in the middle of our flat to listen to you sing. One day I got my hands on a combined rental copy of "Le Mis' "10th and 35th Anniversary celebration shows. He heard you sing, “God on High” and was immediately mesmerized. I don't think I have ever seen him that captivated by anyone or anything -- ever.

He was so in awe of your performance that he sat down to write a 6-page letter to Cameron Mackintosh telling him how he felt and how much your song meant to him. My son went on to state the impact and meaning that the song had for him. From what I remember he also asked all sorts of questions in his letter to Mr. Mackintosh. For several days afterwards he was very introspective....briefly talking to me about a myriad of topics on very deep levels. Sadly, it didn't last long. Once certain thoughts became too much for him to handle he, shut down, again. Still in all it was nice to have a child I could converse with on that level even if, only for a brief period of time. SMILE.

One thing my son doesn't know is that I remember when Le Mis first came out. It was many, many years before he was born. The reviews were bad, the shows continuance was bleak; and at worst the critics skewered the shows premise. I'm sure both Mr. Mackintosh along with cast and crew felt dreadful. Nonetheless I am so glad all of you soldiered on and continued in your numerous performances. Good show....really good show, indeed.

What I would like to say to you in closing is never stop singing Le Mis' songs. If that one song had the power to ignite conversation and spark debate then you should know it comes as no surprise the transformative and healing power of music.

May you forever continue to prosper in your work. Many, many “Thanks”, indeed. I wish I could give you a handshake in person. As that is not possible allow me to do the same via this letter. I wish you well in your current work.


Dena J. Bonner,
A very grateful US mum
26 July 2017 07:06pm
Linden Frank |
One more day...One day a way to start every day...and you led the charge...that a Stars are the best from Les Mis.
28 June 2017 05:14pm
Ashley LeBus |
My boyfriend and I are extremely lucky to have in our possession the very mask you wore during the Canadian Tour of Phantom of the Opera, signed by Rebecca Caine herself. My mother has always been such a big fan of Phantom that she turned my sister and I onto it at a young age, so owning this piece of true theatrical history is something remarkable and treasured to us. Perhaps one day, if you ever make it over to Vancouver Island, we will one day obtain a matching autograph for it!!
23 June 2017 02:53pm
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