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Gerard Armstrong |
Hi Colm I'm a music student from bristol, england. I have to say that I am addicted to your voice man. It really is immense! And for me you are the ultimate Jean Valjean. When I listen to other Valjeans it's kind of like if I was listening to someone doing a cover of a Beatles song, its not quite the same. Anyway Colm your a top man and you have one of the most incredible voices of all time. Your a constant inspiration! Keep it up big man!
25 January 2011 04:04am
Roy Donnelly |
Happy New Year Colm. What a wonderful career! Keep it all going.
Roy Donnelly (friend of your friend from thye good old days, Ken Rigley)
16 January 2011 03:47pm
lyn mcglinchey |
I'd love to see you in concert, for now I rely on Youtube to bring your voice to me.
8 January 2011 03:48pm
Christine Davis |
Colm, nobody is Jean Valjean to me but you. I had the great fortune to see you in "Les Miserables" on Broadway many years ago and am still affected by your voice and performance. Any chance we'll get to see you in Edmonton???
6 January 2011 08:53am
hilary ricketts |
you are just completely fantastic please come to london or near very soon xx
3 January 2011 02:52pm
ken n jac |
we love your voice wot a joy bbbbbbrilliantttt you give us goose bumpsss
we recommend a knighthood you deserve it xxx
3 January 2011 02:40pm
Nathalie |
Sitting watching the 10th Anniversary concert of "les mis" god your voice could move mountains! I am forever checking your tour dates! when will you be going to Scotland!!! x
2 January 2011 09:17pm
Caroline |
I have just watched 25th anniversary concert it was brilliant loved every minute of it glad to see you on there at the end - I was so moved when you sang Bring Him Home.
2 January 2011 01:31pm
Jo Mills |
Mr Wilkinson,
I have just watched Les Mis 25th Anniversay after having it for Xmas and unfortunately not having had the opportunity to watch it live. It was amazing but it did not make me cry which the 10th Anniversary Gala Concert did (every time I watch it!)until you came on at the end! I was so glad I was on my own as my family would have thought I was crazy as I was blubbering like an idiot. Les Mis music takes you to a place where you can forget about your real life and the up's and downs. Your voice gives me goosebumps and like a lot of people makes me very content and happy. I wish you and your family lots of love and happiness for the future, and Happy New Year!!!
1 January 2011 10:28am
Nadine Lattimore |
Mr Wilkinson,

To me, you epitomise musical theatre and bring a tear to my eye with every note that you sing.

Born in 1983, I was raised on Les Miserables and for me you are the definitive Jean Valjean. Growing up I sang, it made me happy, it was the only thing I wanted to do. 5 years ago I lost my eye sight and for a while lost my passion for singing, however thankfully music has now returned to my life.

A few years ago I travelled to London to see the performance of Les Miserables, but alas you were no longer performing with the cast - I cried throughout the whole show. I was over come by the experience. 2 years ago I was due to see you in concert in Dublin's National Concert Hall, but I was given the opportunity to train with my guide dog. Instead my Mum went with a friend - she is a huge fan (has been lucky enough to see you many times over the years) I guess appreciation for real talent was passed on in the genes.

On February 23rd myself and my mother, and my guide dog will be present at your performance in the Grand Canal Theatre, Dublin. When you sing Bring Him Home I will vividly remember the 10th anniversary production. You centre stage alone dressed in the blue and red tailed coat, gold trimmings and large buttons. No doubt I will cry!

You are an actor, a musician, a composer, an ambassador for the power of song, and let's not forget that you are Irish!

But did you know that you give hope and without ever knowing it you inspire strangers like me?

Thank you
29 December 2010 07:05pm
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