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Rochester Fans
Colm, we keep reading such wonderful praises from around the world as your fans pay you tribute. It makes our hearts rejoices as we recall the thrill we experienced each and every time we've made it to one of your performances over the last 20 years. But we are still burning with the Colm fever! PLEASE hurry back to Toronto or Buffalo or Philly or some place close. It doesn't seem quite right looking for our hearts to be lifted right after the people in Japan have suffered such a devastation. My profound prayers go out to all my brothers and sisters in Japan and their families.
12 March 2011 07:17am
Ronald R. Rosenberry Chase |
Saw you in Les Miserables. You were incredible. Will you ever be in the Detroit area?
10 March 2011 03:12pm
Julie Fielder |
Stunning, gorgeous, goose-bump raising performance (as always) as my Seattle public television station aired 25th Anniversary show of the all-time best moments of television, ever.
7 March 2011 04:15pm
Chris Costley |
The last time i saw you perform was during your run as the Phantom in Toronto.. Your voice moves me like no other... Thank you for sharing your gift. I do hope you come back to Toronto during your next tour.
All the best, Cheers.....
6 March 2011 09:01pm
Denise Zanzarov |
Hearing you sing in Les Mis took my breath away. It is by far the best play I have ever seen. (6 times) will never tire of the music or the story. Thank you for your beautiful voice. God Bless You
6 March 2011 07:48pm
Sandy Chadwick |
Just saw you singing in the encore for the PBS presentation of the 25th anniversary performance of Les Mis. Goose bump time once again! Thank you for one of the finest moments of theatre I have ever seen.
6 March 2011 07:40pm
Jim Simmons | |
Colm - You are an absolute blessing to the world. Your voice and demeanor is just fantastic. Don't ever change. I have one of your concerts on my Bucket List. See you soon!
6 March 2011 07:13pm
Heather Cass-Smith
I love ur voice. I saw u in 1998 in Indianapolis, IN for Les Miserables with my marching band. It was an amazing experience for me.
1 March 2011 09:51am
V McSherry |
Many thanks for a very enjoyable evening last night at the Grand Canal. Welcome home! A great talent don't ever change! Remember when you lived in Bray and went away all that time ago. Don't ever forget your roots!
24 February 2011 02:29pm
Cora Doyle |
Dear Colm. I had the absolute pleasure of accompanying my mum to your show last night in the fabulous Grand Canal Theatre ... oh what a night. I knew you were good .... but I didn't realise that you are THAT good. What control you have ... such a gift. I look forward to hearing you again .. please come back soon. Cora X
24 February 2011 12:04pm
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