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Jim O'Kane |
Colm your performance in the Grand Canal Theatre was absolutely fabulous.You are like high quality vintage wine-you continue to improve with age.

Colm you must never forget that you have a special gift to send your audience away happy and with uplifted hearts.

I hope your are both well and I thank you for the joy and fun that you have always brought to our lives.

Kindest regards

2 April 2011 07:27pm
Mark Bucholski |
Dear Colm Wilkinson,
I have see Hey Mr Producer and the tenth aniversarry of les miserables numerous times and am continually inspired by your fantastic voice, and acting. I will be on vacation when you perform your concert in Toronto. Do you know of any other dates when you will be performing in Toronto or the surronding areas.
29 March 2011 12:56pm
Daisy |
you are absolutely amazing I have yet to see a greater jean valjean than you. I love alfie boe but your footsteps are hard to fill
21 March 2011 06:07pm
Could it be?
Will I see dear Colm play Phantom again?
Would you have any plan to visit Taiwan?
That's all I ask of you!
21 March 2011 05:30am
Renee |
You are an absolute inspiration. No one touches your Jean Valjean, you play him with such dignity and honor. Thank you for sharing your talent :)
19 March 2011 06:53pm
Kade |
Colm is the BEST singer the world has ever had! Such a treat to hear him sing! You're my hero Colm!
19 March 2011 01:30pm
Sheila Walsh |
I have listened to you sing the Phantom since I was 16, when other kids my age were listening to Bon Jovi and New Kids on the Block. I saw the Phantom in Toronto around 93/94 but much to my dismay, you weren't singing the night I saw it. I have never had the pleasure of seeing you perform in person, I waited in line in the freezing cold to see you perform in Les Mis in Toronto in 98 but we didn't get tickets. I am so moved by your voice and listen to it whenever I feel the need to feel! I missed your performance in PEI in 2007, I believe, not sure how that happened. I hope someday I will be able to hear it in person and truly experience something uplifting. Please come back to PEI or even somewhere in Atlantic Canada!!!
18 March 2011 07:37pm
Eric K
Please do one more run as Valjean!!! I will fly anywhere in the world to witness the true Valjean perform again!

I just finished the unabridged novel and it made me appreciate your performance even more.
16 March 2011 04:06pm
Michael Julian | |
Just saw the anniversary special and it was thrilled to see you up there after first seeing you 20 years ago in Los Angeles. They are all great but you will always be the voice of Valjean in my mind.
14 March 2011 11:02pm
Sandy & Art |
Colm...we saw your final Les Miz performance in London in October 1986 prior to your leaving for the New York production. We were thrilled and entranced then and we continue to be enchanted by your presence and your voice to this day. We were ecstatic to see and hear you perform on the 25th Les Miz Anniversary special on PBS this past week. As always, you brought tears to our eyes when you sang The Prayer. You will always be our favorite performer.
13 March 2011 11:22pm
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