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Shel Freelan |
Attended The four Seasons last night, and your did not disappoint! The best concert ever, where it was ALL about the music. I wish that we could go back tonight
13 August 2011 04:31am
Candace |
Any weekend I was home your voice echoed through the rooms as my mother lost herself in your voice - I miss her still today, but your voice takes me back to these happy times.

thank you
9 August 2011 02:24pm
Marj Henningsen |
Forget about Utah--come to Beirut sometime!
I had the pleasure of seeing you perform live many times throughout the 90s and then moved to Beirut. I am happy that you are still going strong and it's great to see there is a new concert CD! Thanks for all these years of great art and entertainment.
26 July 2011 11:44am
Kade |
Dear Colm,

Please come visit us in Utah, or somewhere close by!!! I need to hear you talent LIVE!
11 July 2011 06:43pm
Mia |
Colm, with our choir we are performing a medley from "Les MisÚrables". In order to make the members understand what this actually is about I made a document and added links to the songs. The way you sing is amazing and I'm deeply touched every time I hear you sing "Bring him Home". It's better now, but the first times, tears were flowing down my cheek...
23 June 2011 10:42am
Ren |
Please come back to Vancouver, it's long overdue!
17 June 2011 01:21pm
Fergal |
Colm, Vancouver has hosted the Winter Olympics, but you are are GOLDEN hero. Please come back out to the west coast. It's been too long since you were here last.
17 May 2011 11:02pm
I have just managed to get a DVD of the 10th Anniversary of Les Mis.for Mothers Day. I am sitting here watching it again. It is my most favourite musical - I can't wait to hear Colm sing "Bring Him Home". Colm please come to Australia.... xx
7 May 2011 10:54pm
lyn |
I am a voracious reader and email my favourite authors. You are the first in your genre I have contacted. Les Mis blew me away and your latest cd has shown the breadth of your talent. You are a favourite, even synced to my mp3 player for when I go walking. Thank you Colm, for much pleasure.
23 April 2011 03:54pm
Monika Panis |
Colm--Just recently discovered --YOU--with your amazing sensuous voice and admit == am hooked- a Fan now.Had to have your new CD .You paint a picture for the heart with your soulful voice. Thank You for sharing your gift.
9 April 2011 08:56pm
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