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Wendy Berringer |
Please, please, please, come to Halifax, Nova Scotia.
22 August 2011 01:07pm
Chris C |
My wife and I were at the August 13 performance in Toronto - what a night! There is no one who has a voice like Mr. Wilkinson. To have the evening begin with The Music of the Night and end with Bring Him Home was simply fantastic.

And though we had to wait for 2.5 hours, Colm was kind enough to take a picture with us at the stage door before he left (he was going to get into his car behind the security gate, but when we called out to him he came over, asked the guard to open the gate and then proceeded to meet with us!).

Thank you for your kindness - it topped off a great evening.
15 August 2011 05:11pm
John Mirabelli |
I saw you on Saturday at the Four Seasons in Toronto. May I say that it was the best concert I have ever been to and I've been to my share. Your backup singers/guest soloists were equally great. The worst part of it all was that it had to end.... you are a truly gifted vocalist.Would love it if you came to Sudbury ...Elton John did :))
15 August 2011 11:36am
Cheyenne Stodolny |
Colm, We were at your concert at The Four Seasons Centre Toronto on Saturday night. Wow! We are huge fans, so we thought we knew what we could expect, but you managed to shatter our every expectation.

It was extraordinary, in particular for me- Tennessee Waltz. That just blew my mind.

A huge thank you for the informality of your performance. My brother said it felt like we were hanging out, jamming in your basement. No pretention at all.

Thank you also, for honouring the requests and dedications of your fans. That is so rare. Good on ya. It took you 2 seconds to say, but it will be a story those people will tell for years to come. "Colm Wilkinson dedicated a song to me". You have my respect, sir.

Keep singing. Keep inspiring
15 August 2011 11:10am
Larry Hall |
Saw your performance in Toronto last night (8/13)at the Four Seasons Center.
I thought it was just great show. I kept sitting there wondering what this world would be like without live theater and performers like yourself.
Please don't wait so long too come back.
Thank you so much!
14 August 2011 09:27am
Kevin Rooney |
Colm, really enjoyed your performance and personal touch with the audience last night in Toronto. I was very proud as an Irishman to at least have that small connection with you.
14 August 2011 08:59am
Brigitte Kiefer |
My best friend and I were also at the Four Seasons last night - what an amazing concert! I hope you perform in Toronto more often, because I don't plan to miss another concert!
14 August 2011 08:09am
Patti Middleton |
Saw you last night in Toronto.
AWESOME!!! What a great experience. You were fantastic.
14 August 2011 07:52am
Barry Burns |
Colm, thanks so much for last night! We don't get to the city very often but when we heard you were performing in Toronto we just had to make the effort. Kathleen loves your recordings and I really was very keen for her to see you live. What a truly great concert. It was a thrill for both of us. Have a great time in Ireland.


14 August 2011 07:13am
Wilhelmina Daae
My family and I just saw you perform in Toronto! You were absolutely PHANTASTIC, you sounded amazing, and you are hilarious. Have you ever considered making a Christmas album?
13 August 2011 10:54pm
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