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Kyla |
There are voices that move you and there are voices that change you. Yours is a voice I have listen to since I was 14yrs old and will forever listen to. You are the one and only Phanthom of the Opera and your voice sings always in my ear regardless of those who take the torch after you. I so wish I could see you more in Montreal but wherever you are in Canada, if I can be there, I always find a way. You are a blessing to this earth and you will always be in my heart.
17 October 2011 08:37pm
Sonja Miller | |
I have seen you perform in Toronto's Theater some years ago with Phantom of the Opera and I have since been a fan!!
3 October 2011 08:03am
stephanie swann |
why oh why oh why....cant I find more videos of you singing on youtube?

Ive been searching for years now to purchase that
pbs special you did years back. still havent found what Im looking for. any tips for finding it?
1 October 2011 08:41pm
Tom Grigsby |
Mr. Wilkinson, It is truly wonderful to see you performing in Les Miserables on the 10th and 25th anniversary concerts. You are without a doubt our favorite! Thank you!!
29 September 2011 12:39pm
nadine |
Hello Mr. Wilkinson. I really appreciate your work and your voice-discovery through MisÚrables - French As I listen through the CD and you will see on DVD. I loved your album "Some of my best friends are songs" songs you've written and that of your son. I guess you'll never together in France. Too bad! . Continue to be who you are and best regards to you and your family - excuse my poor English -
16 September 2011 06:26am
Laura Adams |
I was at the concert in Kilruddery House the other night, and was absolutely blown away! It was only my second time seeing Colm in action, the first being in Les Miserables years ago when it came to The Point... But that voice has graced my iPod all the years in between, and I've hardly had my new Broadway And Beyond cd off since the concert! :)
Hoping for many more, thank you for a truly wonderful evening! xxx
30 August 2011 07:29am
Clodagh Egan |
Saw concert on Kilruddery last night what can I say amazing as good as all the other concerts can't wait till the next one.
29 August 2011 02:22pm
Wendy Berringer |
Please, please, please, come to Halifax, Nova Scotia.
22 August 2011 01:07pm
Chris C |
My wife and I were at the August 13 performance in Toronto - what a night! There is no one who has a voice like Mr. Wilkinson. To have the evening begin with The Music of the Night and end with Bring Him Home was simply fantastic.

And though we had to wait for 2.5 hours, Colm was kind enough to take a picture with us at the stage door before he left (he was going to get into his car behind the security gate, but when we called out to him he came over, asked the guard to open the gate and then proceeded to meet with us!).

Thank you for your kindness - it topped off a great evening.
15 August 2011 05:11pm
John Mirabelli |
I saw you on Saturday at the Four Seasons in Toronto. May I say that it was the best concert I have ever been to and I've been to my share. Your backup singers/guest soloists were equally great. The worst part of it all was that it had to end.... you are a truly gifted vocalist.Would love it if you came to Sudbury ...Elton John did :))
15 August 2011 11:36am
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