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Lauren |
You are the only Phantom and the only ValJean that I can listen to - you truly made the roles for me. The Phantom of the Opera was the very first CD I got, and I listened to it so many times I wore it completely out. I was blessed with the opportunity to see you perform the Phantom live in Toronto at the Pantages Theatre - in the very front row. It was incredible. Then, later, I was able to see you play ValJean in Toronto at the Princess of Wales Theatre.
I'm so sad I didn't get to see you in Toronto this past summer - if only I had known! Looks like I'm making a trip out to Toronto to see you next December!
Keep up the amazing work - your voice makes me melt inside. Beautiful! You truly have been given a great gift.
24 October 2011 05:33pm
You are incredible! I first heard you when I was nine and you honestly changed my view on musical theatre. Four years later and I still think you are the best singer I've ever heard. I feel so bad that I missed you in Toronto this summer, and next time you're in Ontario, I'll try as hard as I can to get there!
Thank you so much for everything.
23 October 2011 12:02pm
Mel Jandron |
I have been a fan for many years and unfortunatly have not had the chance to see you perform live.
You have an amazing voice... that comes from the heart. Very powerful, very moving.
Thank you for sharing your gift :) It touches people every day.
22 October 2011 07:42pm
Please come to New York City. I was 9 years old when my parents took me to see you as Valjean on Broadway and have been a huge fan ever since!
19 October 2011 07:18am
Kid Childs |
I also saw you perform in Phantom in Toronto. I'm not gonna lie, I wished we were watching you play Jean Valjean, but whatever... You are an amazing performer and I am always moved by your performances. Thanks, Colm!
18 October 2011 09:26am
Kyla |
There are voices that move you and there are voices that change you. Yours is a voice I have listen to since I was 14yrs old and will forever listen to. You are the one and only Phanthom of the Opera and your voice sings always in my ear regardless of those who take the torch after you. I so wish I could see you more in Montreal but wherever you are in Canada, if I can be there, I always find a way. You are a blessing to this earth and you will always be in my heart.
17 October 2011 08:37pm
Sonja Miller | |
I have seen you perform in Toronto's Theater some years ago with Phantom of the Opera and I have since been a fan!!
3 October 2011 08:03am
stephanie swann |
why oh why oh why....cant I find more videos of you singing on youtube?

Ive been searching for years now to purchase that
pbs special you did years back. still havent found what Im looking for. any tips for finding it?
1 October 2011 08:41pm
Tom Grigsby |
Mr. Wilkinson, It is truly wonderful to see you performing in Les Miserables on the 10th and 25th anniversary concerts. You are without a doubt our favorite! Thank you!!
29 September 2011 12:39pm
nadine |
Hello Mr. Wilkinson. I really appreciate your work and your voice-discovery through MisÚrables - French As I listen through the CD and you will see on DVD. I loved your album "Some of my best friends are songs" songs you've written and that of your son. I guess you'll never together in France. Too bad! . Continue to be who you are and best regards to you and your family - excuse my poor English -
16 September 2011 06:26am
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