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Jonathan Perez |
Mr. Wilkinson, I don't know if you will really reply to this or not but I just wanted to say how much of an inspiration you are to me. I am 19 years old. I started singing about 6 years ago but I got interested in musical theater about three years ago when i saw Wicked on Broadway. I then, after hearing about Les Miserables for years, watched the 10 year anniversary of Les Mis and heard you sing for the first time and was amazed. You have been blessed with an amazing voice and ability. If I could have any voice in the world it would be yours. You are incredible and you draw in so much emotion when you perform. You are the greatest and my favorite performer. I look forward to seeing you in the upcoming Les Miserable movie. Hope to see and maybe meet you one day!

God Bless you!

Jonathan Perez
18 June 2012 06:52pm
Nathaly |
Hiya! I think you are an inspiration. You will forever be Valjean to me. Because of you I joined my school's performing arts program and helped me find my love for musical theatre. You're like a legend almost like the Sondheim of the stage. I currently am the youngest member in the department at age 13! Thank you very much Mr. Wilkinson! I love ya!
5 June 2012 07:44pm
Eleanor |
Hallo Colm
I would just like to say I saw you in the Cork City Hall last Christmas and you were outstanding as all ways as were the youth orchestra. I also saw you in the 25th anniversary of phantom that was brilliant because I was not expecting it. What I wanted to ask have you any dates in Ireland in the near future?
5 June 2012 10:30am
Stephanie | |
Hello Colm,

I just had to write and say I love you. Thank you for sharing your gift of song. and PLEASE share more of it on youtube!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No voice has ever struck me to the core like yours does so effortlessly while you sing....and believe me, I listen to a lot of singing.

I just cant seem to get enough or see enough of you, and I've been converted to you for years now since I was 17.
So please keep blessing this world with your vocal perfection.....and post those video's. :):):):)
28 May 2012 09:44pm
Geoff Keogh (ElectroCelt Music) | |
Hi Colm all the very best from a fellow Dubliner in Australia. Have known of your music & singing for quite a time through a friend Paddy Fitzsimmons in Donecarney but really rediscovered your talent after my wife played Bring Him Home a saying my mother often says to if I get in sticky situations out here in Oz . I find this song so meaningful being so far from Dublin. Wishing good wishes in all your future under takens
9 May 2012 01:13pm
Sam |
What a legend. I was first introduced to your music when i listened to you in Les Miserables (10th Anniversary) which was an absolutely stunning performance and Alfi Boe (although good) has nothing on you! Well done!
6 May 2012 12:38pm
Elizabeth |
I was first introduced to Les Miserables by watching the Tenth Anniversary Concert during a PBS pledge drive and I have seen it many times since then - four times in New York, one time in my hometown and on video - Tenth and Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Concerts - untold numbers of times. I've just finished watching the Tenth Anniversary Concert again today - for me, seeing Les Miz is like going to church. Thank you for bring Jean ValJean to life so beautifully. I would love to see you in concert - do you every tour the U.S.? Blessings to you.
27 April 2012 02:03pm
Fabi |
When will you come tô Brasil, I loved your performance In phanton 25 years só pretty!
23 April 2012 06:52pm
Bre Ortega |
You have always inspired me to pursue my love of singing so this month I decided to compete in one of my high schools talent shows :) Your an amazing guy who has been blessed with buckets of talent.
4 April 2012 04:30pm
Marcelo Montenegro |
Mr Wilkinson, You are and always will be the Phantom for me. I remember watching you back in 1989, my first musical. All these years later and many phantoms later you remain the best one for me. I just finished seeing the 25th anniversary at Albert Hall Special with my wife and she also agrees your voice is and always will be in our eyes and ears .....THE PHANTOM!

2 April 2012 10:33am
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