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Helen |
I'm SUPER excited to see you as the bishop in the new Les Mis movie. I would have loved to see you as Valjean, but I'm just happy you'll be in the movie. It would just be WRONG to not have you in there somewhere
21 September 2012 08:38pm
Greg |
Colm - Please come to the U.S. Specifically the southeast. Seeing you is on my bucket list. xo, Greg - Atlanta, GA
15 September 2012 05:22pm
Jim Uprichard |
Power, performance, projection, personality, presence - perfection. The singer with the greatest ability to stir the human emotions. Thank you doesn't come close
12 September 2012 04:20pm
jiohn downton |
Hi colm I saw you in Toronto last year you were terrific I am going to the show on dec 18. My mom passed away 4 years ago could you sing O holy night or The lords prayer my mom was your greatest fan she was 94 years old. Thank you
7 September 2012 12:00pm
Cheryl Eldringhoff |
Beautiful man you are.I love your smile and of course your voice. You are a good soul, full of passion.I appreciate your gift in this unpredictable life.I paint, abstract, work as a nurse helping other good souls. Life is about being real.Thanks for your beautiful energy, you are pretty cool; Cheryl
2 September 2012 11:02pm
Please come to the UK as I cant afford to go to Canada/US

27 August 2012 05:23am
Leah Chariandy |
Hello Colm,
My family and I saw your performance last year at the 4 seasons and you were amazing! I love your music and I love you as the Phantom!

PS -Have you considered recording a Christmas album?
20 August 2012 07:08pm
Cheryl Eldringhoff |
I love your humor, your voice. You are simply amazing to me. Thank you for touching my soul with your gift of music, much appreciated.
19 August 2012 03:02pm
Carole Nichols |
Please release a DVD of one of your concerts for your poor fans who have not had the joy of seeing you live. CDs are great but there are not enough DVDs of you. Thanks
17 August 2012 08:58pm
Jenna Guadagna |
Mr.Colm Wilkinson, I was just wondering if you ever thought about singing If I Can't Love Her, From the Broadway Musical Beauty and the Beast. Please consider singing and posting the video? Thank You!
15 August 2012 12:13pm
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