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Mary Ann
Mr. Wilkinson,

Your audience once again was wowed and in awe. Your talents absolutely overwhelm us. You have groupies of all ages wanting to hear you more and more!!! :) Your concerts are always just so precious!

You were incredibly kind to mention Tom Rankin, and it meant the world to Tom, myself, and endless others. Thank you so very much.

I will tell Kris Kristofferson in his Christmas card about the magic that happened when we heard you sing Kris' beautiful song.

We know of no other artist who has such an immense vocal range and generates such incredible passion and emotion in every single song. One does not simply attend and view a Colm Wilkinson concert but instead is actually gathered and wrapped into the intensity and excitement of his unbelievable performance.

I will never forget your kindness, and wish you a beautiful and safe holiday season.
4 December 2012 02:33am
Tara Tomlinson |
Coming in to this concert I had always loved your work and had very HIGH surpassed them! Thank you for making my Christmas season with your gift for music.
2 December 2012 09:15am
Daisy Preciado |
Dear Mr. Wilkinson,
I know that an amazing singer like you gets about a thousand emails saying how beautiful your voice is. I know this is another email among many that praises you but too much praise never hurt anyone, especially a good man like you. I went through a rough time in my life and your song “The Impossible Dream” helped me bear an unbearable sorrow.

I admired your portrayal of Jean Valjean, one of the best in my book, and you left me speechless as Eric, the Phantom of the Opera, but I was impressed most by you. I saw your backstage Phantom of the Opera interview and your tribute to the victims of Katrina made “The House of the Rising Sun” one of my favorite songs because of its catchy tune and its nobel purpose. I've watched the video on youtube about 30 times.

As Jean Valjean you taught me to always do what is right and to be true to God. As the Phantom of the Opera you taught me to believe in love and pursue it. As Colm Wilkinson you taught me to do good deeds and help those less fortunate than I, to be thankful for what I have and to never feel superior to anyone. I cannot wait to watch Les Miserables in theaters and see you play one of my favorite characters.

Your most admiring fan,
Daisy Preciado
1 December 2012 01:11am
Karren |
After seeing you in GUELPLH...I LOVE YOU MORE TODAY THAN YESTERDAY...I knew the evening would be amazing and it was but what makes me love you more is your wonderful sense of humour and humility, stepping out of the spot light so the other performers could shine. You were and are the best Jean Valjean ever!! I did support your benevolent fund :)
30 November 2012 10:56am
Borja A.D. |
Dear Colm, We´l love to hear your voice in Spain!! You have several fans here!
30 November 2012 09:36am
brendan brophy |
Colm, Wishing you and your family Happy Christmas.
23 November 2012 11:02am
sarah |
I am 11 years old and I am seeing Colm Wilkinson on November 28th. He is my favourite singer and I want to be in all the same plays as him. I love Les Miserables and am reading the book. I take singing lessons and love musical theatre.
6 November 2012 06:06pm
Jody |
My 16 year old daughter says if she could see you sing, her life would be complete... We moved here from Colchester, England in 2000 and she was too young to take to the theater then. I wish she could have seen you on stage. I hope you come to California so she can. Thank you for the gift of your music.
4 November 2012 07:11pm
Meghan |
I believe my first Colm Wilkinson experience was the Les Miserables in Concert in 1995--broadcast on PBS. An incredible fan of Les Mis (my first Broadway musical for my 13th birthday), you were absolutely captivating. Looking at the cast for the upcoming movie, I was at first disappointed that you weren't playing Valjean, and then overwhelmed with respect that you chose to be a part of the film--even not as the lead. I look forward to your portrayal of the Bishop--along with the low bass notes!
15 October 2012 07:02am
Mick Kenny |
Colm,saw you in Cork,Nov 2010. Fantastic night,when are you coming back?
27 September 2012 02:50pm
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