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Cheong Leng I |
Dear Colm,
I am your fan from Macau (China). in the year 1995, I had a chance to watch Les Miserables (10th anniversary concert in Royal Albert Hall) in Laser Disc and I immediately fell in love with Les Miserables. I wish some day I will be able to watch the musical live! And I also hope that you will travel to Hong Kong or Macau and sing for us some day. You are the BEST Jean Valjean I have even "seen" / "heard"!! Support you forever!!
21 December 2012 09:48am
Rory Stubbs |
Dear Colm,
Had the pleasure of seeing you last evening in Hamilton. I can say I was not disappointed. You have a great gift with your voice, and a marvelous sense of humor to make for a very entertaining evening.
19 December 2012 08:10am
Patrick Porter |
Dear Colm
What a wonderful show you put on in Hamilton last night. Thank you for singing "Some Enchanted Evening". The last time I heard that was at a Bob Hope show in Saigon in 1966. It brought back a flood of memories both good and bad. May I take this opportunity to wish you and yours a Blessed Christmas and a healthy New Year. Thanks again from this old Vietnam Veteran. Next time you come back we will definately come to see you.
19 December 2012 04:42am
Rachel Ferko |
Just saw your show in Hamilton! Absolutely perfect! It was so incredible to see how you still love doing what you do! Can't wait to see the Les Mis movie. Won't be the same without you as Valjean but still looking forward to it :)
18 December 2012 09:43pm
Colleen Silver |
I just came home from seeing you in Hamilton. I laughed, I cried, I smiled and I was mesmerized throughout the whole show. You have been truly blessed with a God given talent to truly move people in a way that is unlike anything I have ever seen. Thank you for sharing yourself and bringing such joy to others.
18 December 2012 08:44pm
Patricia Laverdière |
Thank you so much for the wonderful show in Peterborough last saturday. You are a fantastic singer. What unforgettable evening! It was a dream come true for me to see you in concert live and a pleasure for my husband and me to meet you after the show. Thanks . Merry Christmas and happy new year for you and your family.
18 December 2012 01:05pm
Tom Veitch |
Had the opportunity to meet you briefly in Peterbough and I thank you for introducing me to your lovely wife! Hope you enjoy the pic of your original 'Phantom' cast & crew I wish you well in your career future (a little older & brilliant old son!)
17 December 2012 10:57pm
I am so very much looking forward to seeing you perform this Friday in Ottawa! I have been a fan for years, ever since seeing you in Phantom in Toronto at the Pantages. Your Valjean is wonderful, the best ever, and I can't wait to hear you sing Bring Him Home!
17 December 2012 04:48pm
Colette Sharkey |
Dear Mr. Wilkinson, My husband and I have always enjoyed your beautiful voice. In fact we were in Toronto to see you the last time you sang Les Mis.I lost my husband last August and one of his favorite songs was Morning has broken. They played in Church but we could hardly hear it. Since I am going to see you on Dec. 21 in Ottawa, my request would be for you to sing that song if at all possible. By the way he was also Irish.....wonderful man.Thank you kindly Sir. Colette Sharkey
16 December 2012 07:42am
Bryce |
Fantastic show in Mississauga last night. I knew you could sing...but didn't know you could belt out the country and rock...simply awesome. Like being at 2 shows at once. The band and singers were fantastic and we loved the witty rapport with the audience. Now, please, please either put out a Christmas album or put that stirring rendition of Drummer Boy on iTunes. Unbelievable.
15 December 2012 10:58am
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