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Colette Sharkey |
Dear Mr. Wilkinson, My husband and I have always enjoyed your beautiful voice. In fact we were in Toronto to see you the last time you sang Les Mis.I lost my husband last August and one of his favorite songs was Morning has broken. They played in Church but we could hardly hear it. Since I am going to see you on Dec. 21 in Ottawa, my request would be for you to sing that song if at all possible. By the way he was also Irish.....wonderful man.Thank you kindly Sir. Colette Sharkey
16 December 2012 07:42am
Bryce |
Fantastic show in Mississauga last night. I knew you could sing...but didn't know you could belt out the country and rock...simply awesome. Like being at 2 shows at once. The band and singers were fantastic and we loved the witty rapport with the audience. Now, please, please either put out a Christmas album or put that stirring rendition of Drummer Boy on iTunes. Unbelievable.
15 December 2012 10:58am
Elizabeth Norris |
Just saw the concert in Mississauga. I was brought to tears and left speechless. Worth the 3 hour drive and if ever back in Toronto will definitely be there. Absolutely amazing!!
14 December 2012 11:30pm
Hayden Martin
Saw colms show at the esplinade on december 10th was better than a huge fan could have even imagined. was amazing to meet you colm thanks to you and all your crew for everything
14 December 2012 00:17am
Coleman Miller |
I was at the show in Calgary and it was phenomenal. Your voice astounds me and inspires my love of theatre. Please come back!
13 December 2012 10:33pm
Patrick and Sandra Porter |
We are planning to attend your concert in Hamilton. I have enjoyed your music over the years and have a special request, can you please sing "Bring him home" I associate this song with my son and it has a great meaning for me. Thank you and looking forward to hearing you.
12 December 2012 03:42pm
Vicki Walchuk |
There is not much that I could add that hasn't already been said here. I first heard your wonderful voice when you sang in Les Miserables in Toronto and your voice brought tears to my eyes.

However, last night when you sang First of May I did not think that I would find another song that you would sing that would touch my heart and soul the way your rendition did. Please keep singing, inspiring and touching others peoples souls with your great talent!
12 December 2012 11:15am
Martin Patrick |
I saw you when you were a star in
Andrew Lloyd webbers Music of the night,you
Were the best.and your voice was outstanding
And you made us cheer.
And I saw you in the 10 anniversary concert of
Les mis,and your apperance in the 25th
Anniversary of les mis with the original cast.
As well as the 25 anniversary of the phantom
Of the opera.
You are the best,Colm.
6 December 2012 08:27pm
Mary Ann
Mr. Wilkinson,

Your audience once again was wowed and in awe. Your talents absolutely overwhelm us. You have groupies of all ages wanting to hear you more and more!!! :) Your concerts are always just so precious!

You were incredibly kind to mention Tom Rankin, and it meant the world to Tom, myself, and endless others. Thank you so very much.

I will tell Kris Kristofferson in his Christmas card about the magic that happened when we heard you sing Kris' beautiful song.

We know of no other artist who has such an immense vocal range and generates such incredible passion and emotion in every single song. One does not simply attend and view a Colm Wilkinson concert but instead is actually gathered and wrapped into the intensity and excitement of his unbelievable performance.

I will never forget your kindness, and wish you a beautiful and safe holiday season.
4 December 2012 02:33am
Tara Tomlinson |
Coming in to this concert I had always loved your work and had very HIGH surpassed them! Thank you for making my Christmas season with your gift for music.
2 December 2012 09:15am
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